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      Hardin County Personal Injury Lawyers

      Flora & Kent working

      With offices nearby in Bowling Green at 607 E 10th St. and in Glasgow at 213 S Green St., our team is always close by to assist our injured clients in Elizabethtown and Hardin County. Call us 24/7 at 1-888-650-4554 for a free consult with our  top attorneys. When you call our law firm we will begin on your case immediately. With over 47 years of experience and over $150 million won for our clients injured in carsemi-truckmotorcycle, DUI, pedestrianwrongful deathslip & falldog bite, and other personal injury related accidents, we offer personal representation with top attorneys who care and travel to you when you cannot travel to us.

      We are not only making a difference in the lives of our injured clients, but we are making a difference in the Hardin community. Flora has personally visited schools throughout Hardin County with Poppy’s Field trip and donated thousands to children for school supplies and food banks.  This is our passion.

      Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers has represented hundreds of injured clients in Hardin County for over the past four decades. Having experienced personal injury lawyers personally handle the cases is crucial in obtaining maximum recovery. If you have been injured through no fault of your own in an accident you can call us 24/7 for your free case evaluation and know that we will be there for you each and every day. We take pride in the fact that we never collect a fee unless we recover money for our clients, getting them the justice they deserve.

      Call Us 7 Days a week, even on weekends At (888) 782-9090

      Personal representation from start to finish. Putting my close to 50 years of experience in representing clients hurt in car accidents to work to get you the recovery you deserve.
      Personal Injury We travel to our injured clients when they cannot travel to us.
      Our team of investigators will be on the scene immediately for our clients injured in semi-truck accidents.

      What Our Clients Say

      “They always returned my calls; they were very kind and would talk to me when I would get upset.” Sandy Sandy
      “I called on a Saturday and I figured that maybe they’d call on Monday. She has returned my call within 15 minutes.” Michelle Michelle
      “It’s not like going and talking to a stranger, it’s like talking to someone you’ve known forever.” Ellis Ellis
      "It was such a big case after I got with them, it was just like talking to your family." Bruce Bruce
      "She's helped me a great deal. She's determined and that's what it takes. Daniella Daniella
      "We were set up into just as good if not better shape after the accident as we was before" Jolin Jolin

      Community Service

      • Inaugural BG Mardi Gras Madness

        Inaugural BG Mardi Gras Madness Co-Founded with
        Kiwanis Club of BG
      • BG Onstage Inc. Founder

        BG Onstage Inc. Founder Merged with SKyPAC 2019
        Youth Theater
      • Band Together BG INc. Founder

        Band Together BG INc. Founder Raised over
        $120,000 For Charity
      • International Center of Kentucky

        International Center of Kentucky IC Board Vice Chair
        IC Building Chair
      • Bowling Green Noon Lions Club

        Bowling Green Noon Lions Club President 2019-2020
        Director 2020-Present

      Making A Difference

      When she’s not engaged in her legal practice, Flora is out in the community, helping in the schools, charities, and fundraising events. If you’ve been out and about, you might have seen her law firm’s mascots, Poppy and Pixie, the raccoons. She has donated over $200,000 to charities and fundraisers over the years including: BG OnStageStuff the BusLions ClubToys for Tots for Southern KYInternational Center of KYBand Together BG, Poppy Field Trips, ThunderfestHoly Spirit Catholic ChurchSouth Central KY Kids on the BlockOperation Stand DownBuddy Walk, and Save Our Kids Coalition.

      Cases We Handle

      Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers represents those who have been injured or lost loved ones due to the negligence of another. We handle a variety of cases, including:

      Motor Vehicle Accidents

      Personal Injury

      • Dog Bites
      • Slips and Falls
      • Wrongful Deaths
      • Work Injuries
      • Bicycle Accidents

      No matter how you were injured, our Brownsville personal injury lawyers will fight to get you the settlement you deserve. Call us today.

      Why Choose Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers?

      Imagine being hit from behind by a truck on a Monday morning on your way to the office or job site. In the blink of an eye, you not only need medical attention but are faced with medical bills, possible loss of a lifetime opportunity, damaged car, and mounting medical bills.

      We understand how difficult being in this situation can be and it’s worse if the accident was due to someone else’s negligence. We’re ready to protect your legal rights and our expert personal injury lawyers at Flora Templeton Stuart can advise you on the next cause of action. Here are more reasons why you should choose us:

      • We have a solid track record of getting our clients compensated and have over 40 years of successful compensations worth tens of millions of dollars as proof that our methods work.
      • We’re not short on experienced lawyers and so every case we take on is given utmost attention
      • We are people-oriented and the Flora Stuart Templeton law firm founder is an active philanthropist
      • We won’t give in to insurance firms seeking to have you walk away with nothing. If need be, we’ll go to trial to get you what you deserve
      • We win in 90% of our cases. That’s a high likelihood that you win in the end no matter what the accident brought into your life

      How You Win: Steps We Follow in Pursuing Damages

      Don’t fret if you’ve had an accident in Elizabethtown and our offices are far from you –we’ll come to you. When clients are unable to visit one of our many offices in Kentucky and Tennessee, we travel to meet with them. Here are the steps we follow in handling your case.


      There are things you should and shouldn’t do after having an accident because they mess up with evidence. That’s why investigation is our first priority after meeting with you and talking with you about the details of the case

      We work swiftly to gather and preserve evidence, and often hire investigators and reconstructionists to probe deeper into the facts -which includes taking photos of the accident scene, examining vehicles, performing background checks, and acquiring statements from any witnesses or at-fault parties.

      We conduct a thorough investigation into insurance cover available for you from policies covering the driver who caused the accident to instances where insurance is not available for you or you’re under insured by your insurance or a relative’s insurance who lives with you.

      We’ll also investigate the driver who caused the accident for assets that can help us recover any judgment that exceeds the provided insurance policy limits.

      Gathering all Medical Records and Bills

      The last thing you need after an accident is having to keep up with collection of medical bills and records from the hospital so you can hand them over to us.  Flora Templeton Stuart will follow up with your medical services provider and get the records for you so you can focus on getting your life back.

      We’ll also handle property damage free of charge so you don’t have to worry about getting a replacement for your car.

      Our competent attorneys and employees will ensure that all relevant medical treatment is properly documented. More importantly, we can refer you to qualified medical professionals for the best care.

      Handling Liens

      To boost your chances at full recovery, it is vital to work with an experienced law firm that handles a wide range of cases in Kentucky, including three-wheeler accidents, motor vehicle collisions, motorbike accidents, accidents caused by impaired driving such as alcohol and drugs, and every other type of  serious harm resulting from someone else’s negligence.

      Flora Templeton Stuart doesn’t take any chances at pursuing damages. We’ve represented thousands of injured clients and continue to do so in ensuring that every client that ever hires us obtains the recovery they deserve.

      Negotiating the Settlement

      After obtaining all your medical bills and information, Flora Templeton Stuart attorneys present a comprehensive demand to the insurance company, detailing the particular facts surrounding your case, your injuries, and the reasons that justify the amount we are demanding. In the instance that we are unable to agree on a settlement, our lawyers will recommend mediation or file a lawsuit to proceed to trial.

      Going to Court or Mediating Your Case

      Flora Templeton Stuart Injury Accident Lawyers manage to settle the majority of the personal injury cases out of court but should that fail, we are able and prepared to go to court for you.  For over forty years, we’ve handled personal injury cases in and out of court, always striving to get the best outcome for our clients.

      We understand how the legal process works and begin with questions and answers for the parties involved and depositions of the parties and witnesses. Jury trials are rare but should a case demand a jury trial, we’re up for it.

      What Causes Commercial Truck Accidents?

      According to Kentucky law, a commercial vehicle is a motor-propelled automobile with a registered weight of at least 10,000 pounds and whose primary function is to transport merchandise or freight. In turn, semi-trucks and big rigs fall in the commercial motor vehicle category due to their huge weight.

      Several factors can cause truck accidents in Kentucky. However, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, driving errors by truck drivers are the leading cause of commercial truck accidents as it contributes to approximately 87% of truck accidents. According to the report, other common causes of truck accidents include bad driving conditions, which result in 3% of these accidents, and faulty trucks (1%).

      More popular causes of truck accidents include:

      • Dangerous conditions of the roads
      • Driver fatigue
      • Overspeeding
      • Impaired or distracted driving
      • Faulty loading of cargo on the truck
      • Vehicle system failure
      • Over-the-counter or prescription drug use

      Knowing the cause of the truck accident you were involved in aids your truck accident lawyer in determining who is responsible for the accident, and consequently, who should pay the damages.

      Who is Responsible for Your Elizabethtown KY Truck Accident?

      Generally, truck accident cases tend to be more complex and time-consuming compared to other motor vehicle accidents. This is because of the possibility that more than one company or individual may be responsible for the accident. With the help of your Elizabethtown KY Truck accident lawyer, you can easily identify the parties to hold accountable and their available insurance coverage options to help in maximizing your compensation.

      It is also worth noting that you can name several parties as defendants in your truck accident case. Entities or individuals that can be held responsible include:

      The Truck Driver

      If the cause of the truck accidents is due to the negligence of the truck driver, then he is legally responsible. Such negligence may be as a result of violating various traffic laws, intoxication, or driver fatigue, which may cause him to fall asleep at the wheel.

      Cargo Loaders

      If it is determined that the cause of the truck accident was improper loading of cargo, then you will claim damages from the cargo loaders. It could be an individual, a loading company, or the trucking company itself who is responsible. A skilled truck accident lawyer will assist you in determining the party responsible for the faulty loading of cargo on the truck.

      The Trucking Company

      Often, trucking companies take responsibility for the driver’s actions that caused the accident. In other cases, like if vehicle system failure was the cause of the truck accident, then the trucking company is directly responsible. They are also legally responsible if they are overworking their drivers by requiring them to drive for longer hours than permitted by state laws. With the help of a professional Elizabethtown KY Truck accident lawyer, you will easily determine the extent of responsibility of the trucking company.

      Truck Owner

      Sometimes, the trucking company and the truck owner are the same people. However, if they are not the same person, then it is possible to also claim against the owner of the truck involved in the accident. Often, truck owner responsibility arises when he/she negligently fails to inspect, repair, and maintain the truck to ensure its proper functioning.

      The Mechanic

      When the truck owner or the trucking company hires the services of a truck mechanic to perform repairs and maintenance, but he/she fails to do so adequately, then it is possible to claim against him as well.

      Manufacturer of Truck Parts

      Generally, commercial trucks consist of several complicated parts that aid in their smooth operation. If one of these parts is defectively manufactured, designed, or installed in the truck, it may result in its malfunctioning, which can result in severe injuries. If it is possible to prove that your truck accident came from a faulty component of the truck, then the part manufacturer can be held accountable.