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    Every year, there are roughly 869,000 crash-related neck injuries in the United States.  Whiplash accounts for 841,000 of those injuries. Dislocations, disc injuries, fractures, stingers, burners, and dislocations account for the rest.

    Slip and fall accidents can cause all of these neck injuries, as well.

    Over half of the chronic neck pain claims in America come from automobile accidents.

    Neck pain is no joke. It’s the 4th leading cause of disability worldwide. It can keep you out of work, keep you from spending time with your family, and keep you from managing your daily activities.

    Effects of Whiplash

    Make no mistake: for all that it is lampooned by the insurance industry, whiplash can be serious. It can cause chronic pain and disability. Whiplash is a strain or a sprain in the neck muscles. In the most severe cases, the ligaments are torn.

    Disabling effects can include:

    • Neck stiffness
    • Reduced range of motion
    • Headaches and dizziness
    • Prickling sensations
    • Shoulder and back pain
    • Memory loss
    • Impaired concentration
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Mental health problems

    10% of those who suffer from whiplash become permanently disabled.

    Effects of Neck Dislocations

    Neck dislocation can be quite painful. It can also lead to tingling and weakness in the arms and legs. Pain may also radiate down to the arms, and the arms may become weak and stiff. The neck muscles may spasm.

    Severe cases can cause neurological disruptions, as well as chronic pain.

    Neck dislocations and neck fractures often go hand in hand.

    Effects of Disk Injuries

    A herniated cervical disc means intense pain. The pain will start in your neck, but may radiate down to your shoulders, arms, and hands. Muscle weakness is another common symptom. You may lose range of motion, as well.

    Nonsurgical care is available for the least severe cases, but the catastrophic cases will require surgical solutions.

    Effects of Neck Fractures

    Neck fractures are quite dangerous in the short term as they can threaten your ability to breathe. Some of our clients have required breathing tubes. Most require traction, and most require surgery.

    Many suffer from chronic pain long after the accident. The unluckiest must face life-altering paralysis.

    Effects of Stingers and Burners

    These injuries occur when the nerves in the neck and shoulder are stretched or compressed. This causes a burning or shock sensation, as well as arm numbness and weakness.

    Average Cost of Neck Injuries

    The cost of a neck injury can range from $1,000 to nearly $700,000. It depends on how much damage has been done to your bones, your tissues, and your spine. Neck treatment can be complicated, and it is often costly.

    Most neck injuries will require some sort of rehabilitation after emergency care is complete, which can mean even greater hospital bills.

    If you’re suffering from a neck injury it is absolutely vital for you to work closely with a personal injury lawyer who can help you get the care you need, and can help you get these medical bills paid and addressed.

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