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    Broken bones are a common consequence of the kinds of accidents we handle here at our law firm.

    How serious are broken or fractured bones?

    A lot of people downplay the severity of broken or fractured bones. They think of them as “kid’s injuries,” something that happens to most children while they’re riding their bikes or playing on their skateboards.

    In reality, broken bones can create long-term complications, including a loss of independence in elderly adults. For working adults, broken bones can also mean lost work time and an inability to take care of house chores or child care, which has an
    economic impact on the household.

    Long-Term Effects of Broken or Fractured Bones

    Broken or fractured bones can create a number of long-term effects, including:

    • Nerve damage
    • Bone infection
    • Decreased strength
    • Decreased mobility
    • Joint problems
    • Anxiety, depression, and PTSD

    Severe fractures can permanently damage your ability to participate in certain physical activities or hobbies, thus decreasing your quality of life.

    These long-term effects are even more prevalent in older individuals. According to a study in the Journal of Endocrine Society found that older people with broken bones closer to the center of the body face a higher risk of being admitted to the hospital for major medical conditions. They’re also at greater risk for dying prematurely.

    Average Medical Costs for Broken or Fractured Bones

    Fractured bones can result in large economic losses.

    • Diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment can cost over $2500.
    • X-rays can cost up to $1000.
    • Casts or splints can cost $200 to $300.
    • Assistive devices can cost up to $100.
    • Surgical treatment can cost $16,000 to $35,000.
    • Emergency room costs can cost $150 to $3000.
    • If you have to go into traction you can spend up to $47,060.

    In car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident a victim often sustains multiple fractures, driving these costs even higher.

    We work hard to ensure these costs get paid, either by your own insurance company or the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. This helps you protect yourself financially and avoid bankruptcy.

    We also help you seek out top notch medical and rehabilitative care so you enjoy better health outcomes for your broken bones. While this may mean incurring more costs, we already know by then that you have a solid case. Getting those costs covered will be a matter of negotiating a strong settlement. With our help, you will never have to be afraid of seeking out the care you both need and deserve.

    How long does it take for a broken bone to heal?

    It can take six weeks or more for a broken bone to heal.

    While some accident victims may be able to return to work in spite of the broken bone, others will have to stay home to heal. This means lost wages, and may even lead to the loss of your job while you’re waiting.

    It’s our job to help you recover those funds. We also help you navigate your own insurance policy so you can get immediate financial help, allowing you to pay your bills.

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