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Attorney Flora Templeton Stuart litigated a case for a young man with a family who suffered permanent brain damage and a crushed skull. The defendants paid $2.825 million for our client and his family. A portion of the funds were placed into lifetime annuities for the client and his family for college funds for his children. We obtained approximately $100,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement for the client and Social Security disability with lifetime payment of medical expenses.

Auto & Truck

1.7-MillionWhen a commercial truck rear-ended our clients with severe injuries, our firm filed suit and obtained a total of $1.7 million with all bills paid and lifetime income for our clients.

1.65-MillionA semi truck ran a traffic light, hitting our client and causing fractured legs. Our law firm obtained $1.65 million for our client with all medical bills paid and lifetime income.


Another success story! Suit was filed in Federal Court and after litigation with numerous experts we had a successful result for our client who was severely injured. In addition to the $1.65 million settlement, we obtained lifetime benefits for the client.


Attorney Flora Templeton Stuart rushed to the scene to establish liability when a semi truck struck our client on a Logan County highway. We filed suit in court and retained numerous experts such as a life care planner and engineers. Our client’s leg was crushed and he walked with a lifetime limp. We obtained disability for him and medicare for payment of his medical bills. The semi truck company originally denied they were at fault so it was necessary to negotiate in court.


Our firm represented a client who was struck in Muhlenberg County by a semi-truck and life-flighted to Vanderbilt. Later complications following a shoulder surgery resulted in a brain injury. Client had medical expenses of approximately $300,000.00 that were negotiated down by our law firm. Our law firm also obtained disability benefits for our client as lifetime income and medicals in addition to his settlement.


Attorney Flora Templeton Stuart filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania Federal Court. After litigation we reached a settlement of $1,000,000.00. Our client was at work in the state of Pennsylvania driving his semi-truck when he was hit by another semi-truck on the highway. The semi-truck that struck our client caught fire. Our client sustained a permanent head injury and disfigurement. Our law firm assisted our client in obtaining Social Security disability benefits and Workers’ Compensation income for life in addition to the settlement and lifetime medical bills.

Serious Injury/Death


A child was stuck on a road by a negligent driver. After litigation, our firm obtained a settlement of $1.55 million for the family.


When a drunk driver ran a light and killed an individual on a motorcycle, our firm collected a wrongful death settlement of $775,000 for the family.


Our law firm filed suit and fought for our clients in federal court for lack of security after our clients had sustained injuries from criminals allowed in the building. At mediation, we settled for a total of $750,000 with annuity for the children.


“includes $600,000 from Workers’ Compensation

Our law firm represented a client who acquired a Staph infection while hospitalized. Our law firm filed a lawsuit for our client against the hospital and physician and after extensive litigation, including numerous depositions of expert witnesses throughout the country; we obtained a settlement of $465,000.00 in addition to payment of all medical expenses and lost wages in the amount of $600,000.00. Our client developed a Staph infection at a hospital and was 50 years old when she died several weeks after having knee replacement surgery.


“Lifetime Annuity

A young boy was given a medication that left him blind for life. Our firm filed suit against the physician who prescribed the drug and after extensive litigation with deposition the case was settled for 1 million dollars. All funds for the client were placed in a trust for future medical bills, his college education and his lifetime needs.


“Home Purchased for Child

A baby boy was injured in delivery. He sustained brain damage when an emergency C-section was not performed because the physician was outside jogging. His settlement was placed into a college fund and was used to purchase a home where he could reside.



Litigated in court, a case for our client who had a tumor which was not diagnosed for years by the treating physician and as a consequence left her paralyzed.


“Lifetime Annuity

Injury lawyer Flora Templeton Stuart filed suit in court and extensively litigated and mediated to obtain a $405,000 settlement for our client who was horrifically burned when she was only a few months old. Ms. Stuart established liability on the trailer park where our client had suffered burns over her head, chest and arms. Our law firm established a trust for lifetime income, a college fund for our client and all medical treatment was paid.

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This listing of cases represents selected examples of outcomes achieved by our firm. There is no guarantee of recovery in every case because each case has its own specific factual and legal circumstances.

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