Millions in Settlements & Verdicts

Here are just a handful of our prominent cases.

$2.8 Million

Commercial Truck

Attorney Flora Templeton Stuart litigated a case for a young man with a family who suffered permanent brain damage and a crushed skull. The defendants paid $2.825 million for our client and his family. A portion of the funds were placed into lifetime annuities for the client and his family for college funds for his children. We obtained approximately $100,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement for the client and Social Security disability with lifetime payment of medical expenses.

$1.7 Million

Commercial Truck

When a commercial truck rear-ended our clients with severe injuries, our firm filed suit and obtained a total of $1.7 million with all bills paid and lifetime income for our clients.

$1.65 Million

Commercial Truck

A semi truck ran a traffic light, hitting our client and causing fractured legs. Our law firm obtained $1.65 million for our client with all medical bills paid and lifetime income.

$1.55 Million

Child Injury

A child was stuck on a road by a negligent driver. After litigation, our firm obtained a settlement of $1.55 million for the family.

$1 Million

Permanently Blinded

A young boy was given a medication that left him blind for life. Our firm filed suit against the physician who prescribed the drug and after extensive litigation with deposition the case was settled for 1 million dollars. All funds for the client were placed in a trust for future medical bills, his college education and his lifetime needs.


Wrongful Death

When a drunk driver ran a light and killed an individual on a motorcycle, our firm collected a wrongful death settlement of $775,000 for the family.

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