Millions in Settlements & Verdicts

$2.8 Million

Commercial Truck

Attorney Flora Templeton Stuart litigated a case for a young man with a family who suffered permanent brain damage and a crushed skull. The defendants paid $2.825 million for our client and his family. A portion of the funds were placed into lifetime annuities for the client and his family for college funds for his children. We obtained approximately $100,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement for the client and Social Security disability with lifetime payment of medical expenses.

$1.7 Million

Commercial Truck

When a commercial truck rear-ended our clients with severe injuries, our firm filed suit and obtained a total of $1.7 million with all bills paid and lifetime income for our clients.

$1.65 Million

Commercial Truck

A semi truck ran a traffic light, hitting our client and causing fractured legs. Our law firm obtained $1.65 million for our client with all medical bills paid and lifetime income.

$1.65 Million

Semi Tractor Trailer Wreck

Another success story! Suit was filed in Federal Court and after litigation with numerous experts we had a successful result for our client who was severely injured. In addition to the $1.65 million settlement, we obtained lifetime benefits for the client.

$1.5 Million

Semi Truck

Attorney Flora Templeton Stuart rushed to the scene to establish liability when a semi truck struck our client on a Logan County highway. We filed suit in court and retained numerous experts such as a life care planner and engineers. Our client’s leg was crushed and he walked with a lifetime limp. We obtained disability for him and medicare for payment of his medical bills. The semi truck company originally denied they were at fault so it was necessary to negotiate in court.

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