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Personal Injury Client Testimonials

"I would recommend that you call Flora because they make you feel important. I feel like I have made a friend with the staff instead of being just a client"
- Flora Templeton Stuart
“Our son was in the accident with us. Flora took his case and was able to get him an annuity and to have it set up for later on to use it for college … We called several other lawyers and never got a response as fast as Flora did … They were there within an hour.” JOSH R.
“They were very friendly and helpful. Flora and Alisha did an amazing job on my case. Got more than I thought and very fast. While I don't ever want to be in another wreck, I would definitely call Flora if I was.” LAKISHA H.
Mar Garmon - Flora Templeton Stuart
"I would recommend anyone in a wreck to call Flora's office. I think everything has been really great. Everybody was very very nice. I was very pleased with my settlement and I received more than I was expecting." MARGARET G.
Hear what more clients are saying about us test - Flora Templeton Stuart
Treated me as if I was family! ALWAYS very responsive and never made me feel as if I was just a number or a dollar sign. They went above & beyond & helped me with doctors even going to the trouble of setting up my doctors appointments! I would also like to point out that even after I had spoken to another lawyer that is very big on advertising told me that I didn’t have a case and flat refused to help me. Ms. Flora told me that I most certainly did and started working for me right then! I can’t say enough good things about this law firm! May God Bless and Protect Them & You All! Anonymous

Flora is a great injury attorney who knows what she is doing! She cares!

I was seriously injured in a car accident out of state which was not our fault.

I went to all of my regular doctors here and specialists in Nashville who referred me to the Mayo Clinic for further treatment. The bills mounted. I didn’t know what to do!

I became more and more anxious!

A close attorney friend recommended Flora Templeton Stuart. Because of the pandemic, my husband and I met with Flora and her partner outside on her porch at her practice. I could feel my anxiety going down as she asked me questions and we developed a plan together on how to proceed. She shared that she had contacts in the state where the accident occurred and could represent me in that state if the case went to court. She reassured me that most cases were settled out of court. She was very confident that she could help me obtain the funds I needed to take care of doctor’s bills and expenses. She did just that and more!

A number of years before, I remember seeing Flora on television when she recommended that people should add “under insurance coverage” to their auto policies, because so many motorists only carry the minimum insurance. At that time, I had called my insurance agent and did just that. Little did I know that her advice would make a major difference in my life as the person who hit our car had minimal insurance which would not have covered even a third of my bills and expenses. As a health-care provider I wanted to be sure that all of my health-care bills were paid.

As we worked together over the next eight months, I was very pleased with her team! Everyone I talked to and worked with was pleasant, helpful and always promptly available.

I requested that Flora herself negotiate the final amount and she did. I even received the maximum amount of my “under-insurance policy.” I was elated!

Flora is a woman of integrity who can be trusted! She has my highest admiration and recommendation.

Dr. Michele Thomas
All of our needs were met in a very timely fashion. The entire process was explained in detail along with way. Thank you. Ali T.
I called on a Saturday from a motel room in Glasgow because I was hit on my bike and I live out of town. They were there in less than an hour and got me moved to Bowling Green with a place to stay, got my belongings from my bike return to me and referred me to really good doctors. I can't thank them enough for all their help. L. Seeker
When our family needed help the most, she was there. Thank you for all your help. Jennifer J.
The day after my wreck I called Flora and they came to my home that day. They have been really helpful and caring, sent me to good doctors and I am pleased with my settlement. Nakia D.
Get Flora, she is honest, fair and will keep you informed about what's going on with your case. She is the BEST in the State of Kentucky - and the BEST staff too! Char C.
I have and will continue to recommend Flora and her staff to anyone who has been in a car accident. They came my home and treated me like family. I can't say enough about the good things they did. I was very happy with my settlement. Michael T.
She’s reputable lawyer who value, care and serves her clients with decency. We highly appreciate you Flora. El-Nami S
Flora works hard and cares a lot about her clients and the community! Raina R
I can't say enough good things about Miss Flora. She even helped me find a better car than the one I had. My bills are paid and I am back at work. RL A.
Everyone there is friendly, great and a lot of help. Couldn't have been more happy with the outcome of my case. Flora has been a great help. R M.
I want to thank Flora and her staff for their hard work on our case. After my husband was struck in a horrible accident, Flora met me at our home in Butler County. I can't believe they came that far! She went the extra mile by setting up income for me for years to come, and she arranged college funds for my two boys. I was very pleased with the representation I received and would highly recommend Flora to anyone. Kelsie S.
Flora is the most caring person I've ever met. I can't tell you all the good she has done for me. If you need an attorney, Flora is the best! Cheryl B.
I was rear-ended at a stoplight by someone texting and driving. My back was hurting and [I was] unsure what to do, so I called Flora. They made it effortless and easy to get the medical care I needed. Holly Y.
I got rear-ended by a drunk driver and went by ambulance to The Medical Center. Flora has helped me through the years with the homeless drive and the SoberRide Bus so she was the first person I called. The staff was very professional and I am very happy with the service and my settlement. Chaze H.
I was hit head-on and taken to Ohio County Hospital. I laid in the hospital praying about what should I do and all I can say is that God sent me to Flora. I call her and they came to the hospital the same day. They have been a great help to me and my family getting my bills paid. After my knee surgery, I had pins backing out and Flora sent me to a really good doctor who corrected the problem. I am really happy and my deepest thanks to Flora and her staff for a job well done. W. J. K.
We were rear ended and had to go to the hospital. My family recommended I call Flora. They came right to the hospital, made sure I received good medical treatment and I received a nice settlement. Anytime I had a question everyone was able to to help me. I would highly recommend Flora and her staff to anyone in a car wreck. Candace Zlatovic (Bowling Green, KY)
I was hit by a car and taken to Greenview. I called Flora and they were before I got out of x-ray! They have been with me every step of the way, all the way and fought hard to make sure I received a fair settlement. Flora became more than my attorney, she was like family and I would more than recommend Flora to anyone! Margaret D.
They did an excellent job on my case. I would recommend you call Flora if you have been in an accident. Teresa A.
Took all the leg work out of my wreck. Took care of the insurance, the bills and I didn't even have to find a doctor they recommended the best! All I needed to do was concentrate on getting better. Flora and her staff were awesome. Derik B.
Flora is an amazing [attorney] who does a lot for the community and I can't thank her enough for what she as done for me. Nicole P.
Very friendly, very courteous, and worked fast and hard on my case. Tricia M.
I was injured in a car accident and Flora and her staff were at my bedside the next day. They were able to get me continued medical treatment and pay while I was off work. I personally believe that without their assistance things would not have gone as well as they did. They continued to support me through a 2-year legal battle and stood by my side until we reached an acceptable settlement. I think they are top-notch. Kenneth M.
I know this family on a personal and professional level, they are nothing but the kindest, caring, loving, optimistic people I have known. Flora has a will and a determination that cannot be matched. Once she puts her mind to something she will do whatever it takes and do the job way and beyond excellent. She is one sharp lady. Nora B.
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