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Mary’s Story: From Tragedy To New Beginnings

motorcycle accident bowling greenFlora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers were contacted by Mary, the wife of a man named Mike, who was tragically killed in a Kentucky motorcycle accident leaving behind his two young children.

Mike was riding his motorcycle on a county highway when he encountered a commercial vehicle blocking the roadway. Mike slowed his motorcycle and entered the designated passing zone to avoid a collision.

However, the commercial vehicle made a sudden left turn into the lane where Mike was traveling. He was unable to avoid a collision.

Although he was wearing a helmet and other safety gear at the time of the collision, the injuries he sustained resulted in his death.

The Investigation

The police report initially stated that Mike was at fault for the accident for failing to maintain proper control of his motorcycle.

Not only was this false, but the report failed to mention any responsibility on behalf of the other driver.

Our attorneys immediately set out to dispute the contents of the report and investigated the scene of the crash, obtained witness statements, and hired accident reconstructionists to establish that our client was not at fault.

Our investigation revealed several errors made by the other driver that contributed to the accident, including failure to signal and failure to yield to the right of way as described in KRS 189.380 and KRS 189.350, respectively.

With all of the new evidence gathered throughout our investigation, our attorneys prepared for litigation filed suit, and demanded full policy limits from the driver and their insurance company.

The Result

We sought restitution for Mike’s wife, Mary, as well as their two children.

In losing her husband, Mary lost the services, assistance, companionship, and relationship that Mike provided.

The couple had been childhood sweethearts, so his loss was devastating.

Additionally, their children lost the companionship and affection of their father when he was prematurely taken from them.

To provide compensation for their losses, we filed separate consortium claims for all three living members of the family and successfully recovered a seven-figure settlement for the damages they suffered, which provided annuities for the children for a college fund when they turned 18 and lifetime income for Mary.

We also hired an economist to establish the income loss of Mike from his untimely death.

Although we could not restore the lives lost, we were able to protect the family’s financial future.

The clients’ names and images have been changed to protect confidentiality.

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Flora Templeton Stuart

Flora Templeton Stuart is the lead attorney and founder of the law firm Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers, established in 1976. She is a nationally recognized personal injury lawyer with over 40 years of experience. Her story has been featured on Fox, The New York Times, ABC, Time, and NBC.