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Personal Injury

September 15, 2020

What Sets The Law Firm of Flora Templeton Stuart Apart from Other Lawyers to Get Maximum Recovery for Our Clients

The Steps We Take When You Hire Us for Your Personal Injury Claim When you or a loved one contacts the Law Firm of Flora Templeton Stuart for personal injury representation in car, semi-truck, pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle and other accidents, we immediately start working on...
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July 1, 2020

What Is a Kentucky Child Injury Case?

The health and wellbeing of a child is always a parent or guardian’s first and top priority. There is nothing more upsetting than a parent seeing their child suffering in pain or distress. Parents caring for an injured child have one singular focus: helping their...
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Why Are Car Accident Injury Symptoms Often Delayed?

After being involved in any type of car crash, you’ll most likely be advised to visit your nearest emergency room as soon as possible. Even if you are not in pain and do not notice any injuries right away, you’ll be advised to seek medical attention...
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The Hidden Dangers of Whiplash Injuries

The Hidden Dangers of Whiplash Injuries Car accidents cause many kinds of injuries. One of the most common is whiplash injuries. The impact of the car crash makes your head make a quick, jerking motion forward and backward. The sudden motion can stretch and tear...
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June 25, 2018

Slip and Fall Common Accidents

Recovering Damages for victims The most common place Flora Templeton Stuarts' clients seem to fall is inside retail stores, such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Kroger, and Lowes. This page deals simply with falls inside of a retail store. Outside falls are governed by different laws and...
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