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How Do You Get an Accident Report in Kentucky?

March 18, 2021 By Flora Templeton Stuart

flora stuartOne of the first things you should do when involved in a motor vehicle collision in Kentucky is to notify the appropriate law enforcement agency or police department so they can complete a written collision report.

Most commonly, these reports will be available within a few days following the collision and can be retrieved either online, via mail, or by stopping by your local law enforcement physical office. Kentucky Law requires that the collision report be completed within ten days after the investigation of the collision.

Kentucky Law (KRS 189.635) also provides that accident reports shall be made available to: the parties to the accident (or the parents/guardians of a minor who is a party to an accident) insurance companies, and attorneys of any party to the accident. If you are not one of these parties, you will not be able to obtain a copy of the report.

Many law enforcement agencies in Kentucky use a service called Buycrash. Once the officer records all the relevant information, they will often provide you with a Buycrash information card with a case-specific report number.

You can visit the Buycrash site and use the referenced report number to locate your collision report when it is made available. The cost of the report is usually $10.00, and most credit cards are acceptable for purchase.

The following information with aid you in ordering your report from Buycrash:

  • Date of Accident,
  • Last name of the party involved,
  • The drivers license number of the involved party, and
  • Buycrash report number.

Kentucky State Police makes reports available online through Buycrash and from the state police post in the district where the collision occurred. You can go to the Kentucky State Police locations page to locate post areas and their counties.

If the collision resulted in a fatality, you may be able to obtain the preliminary report from Kentucky State Police, but an ongoing death investigation file could take months or years before all of the information is released.

If your report was completed by city police or the local Sheriffs department, the investigating officer should tell you how to obtain a copy of the report if it is not available through Buycrash. Most often, they are available by mail or by stopping by the physical office. Sometimes, law enforcement agencies may be willing to fax a copy of the report directly to you.

What Information is Recorded in Kentucky Accident Reports?

Kentucky Accident Reports, also known as Kentucky Uniform Police Traffic Collision Reports, record important information regarding the time, location and details of the collision, the parties involved, insurance information, damage to vehicles, registration, and any potential witnesses, among other things.

Kentucky reports also can list “contributing factors” such as driver “inattention” or “failure to yield the right of way.” These collision reports are important tools for insurance companies and attorneys to determine liability for the collision. The reports will often also indicate the position each person was in the vehicle, possible injuries, restrains (seatbelts) used, and whether an individual was transported to a medical facility.

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