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Recent Hart County Car Accident

recent hart county accident
Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers were retained by the passenger in a truck involved in a serious accident in Hart County.

We immediately sent our team of investigators to the scene who, along with the Kentucky State Police, established that the driver of our client’s vehicle lost control in a curve in the road while traveling too fast, causing him to strike an embankment and become airborne traveling more than 46 feet through the air.

When the vehicle eventually landed, the impact caused the vehicle to overturn which ejected our client through the rear window of the truck. Our client, Jimmy, lost consciousness. An ambulance arrived at the scene airlifting him to a Louisville area hospital for emergency treatment. Cat-scans revealed significant bodily injury including rib, lumbar, and sacral fractures.

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Our Approach

hart county accident injury caseWhen our clients are hospitalized, we travel to meet them at the hospital. We immediately traveled to the U of L Hospital to consult with our client and to begin work on his case.

With the severity of the injuries and medical bills approaching $100,000, Jimmy was facing long-term physical therapy, the need for home care, and other services. To relieve our client’s financial burden, we reserved his PIP benefits for therapy and wage loss which was paid to him during his recovery.

We made arrangements for a wheelchair/walker paid by his PIP insurance, along with mileage so he could travel to his physicians.

damaged truck hart county

The Result

Our investigation always includes a background check on the at-fault driver in the accident to determine any assets along with all insurance available, as well as underinsured policies.

Once Jimmy completed treatment we obtained medical records and bills, along with our investigation, which established liability and the seriousness of his injury so we could obtain all insurance available or policy limits for Jimmy in his long road to recovery. In Jimmy’s case and hundreds of other clients over 45 years, Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers have successfully negotiated the maximum benefit available so that our clients can begin a new life. Thanks to the efforts of all those involved in the case, Jimmy was able to pick up the pieces of his shattered life.

He was fortunate to make a recovery sufficient to return to work and support his family.
**The client’s name has been changed to protect his confidentiality.

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