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    glasgow ky motorcycle accident lawyerNational and statewide statistics on motorcycle accidents reflect an alarming situation for riders on Kentucky roads.

    • Bikers are almost thirty times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in a crash than anyone else on the road.
    • More than 50% of fatal motorcycle crashes in the Bluegrass State involve riders who do not wear a helmet (despite the fact that helmet use reduces fatalities by almost 40%).
    • In the most recent ten years, motorcyclist death tolls have risen on U.S. roads, compared to the previous decade.

    These facts illustrate the distressing truth that motorcycle crashes take a heavy toll on motorcyclists and their families in Kentucky.

    Perhaps even more tragically, most of these accidents are preventable. Bad decisions and careless actions by motorists, road maintenance crews, and others combine to put motorcyclists at risk for catastrophic injuries that upend their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

    Attorney Flora Templeton Stuart represents victims of motorcycle accidents; injured motorcyclists and families of riders who tragically die because of someone else’s careless or reckless actions.

    Over decades of practice, she and her team have seen firsthand the pain and anguish these innocent motorcycle accident victims feel after a devastating, senseless crash.

    Flora Templeton Stuart’s mission for each and every one of those clients is to get them the compensation they need and deserve to recover from their injuries and regain their lives.

    Contact her today if a Glasgow-area motorcycle crash has harmed you or a loved one, to learn about your rights.

    Common Motorcycle Accident Scenarios

    glasgow motorcycle accidentNo one deserves to endure the terror and trauma of a motorcycle crash; not the motorcyclist, and not the rider’s family. Our firm frequently represents riders and their loved ones after a crash that happened in one of the following common ways (and in lots of other scenarios, too):

    • Left-Turn Crashes. Seasoned motorcyclists know that cars and trucks turning left constitute one of the most frequent and deadly hazards they must confront on Kentucky roads. Many a left-turning vehicle makes a move across a motorcyclist’s path far too late for the rider to do anything to avoid a collision. These deadly crashes most often happen at intersections and on straightaways where a car or truck turns across an oncoming lane.
    • Lane change accidents. Motorists also have a dangerous tendency to change lanes on a multi-lane highway without checking for a motorcycle in the lane they want to join. This avoidable carelessness can lead to a biker getting sideswiped or run off the road, and can happen on freeways, at merges, and anywhere else vehicles in one lane of travel can join another.
    • Road surface loss-of-control. A motorcycle cannot merely roll over road hazards the same way cars and trucks can. Potholes, pavement cracks, grooved surfaces, and debris like gravel or sand interfere with a rider’s ability to keep a bike under control. Motorcyclists should, at the very least, get warnings before dangerous road surfaces crop up, but unfortunately that does not always happen.
    • Rear-end crashes. Car and truck drivers follow motorcyclists too closely, too often. Often, they seem not to realize that a motorcycle can stop more quickly than a larger vehicle. Following too close puts bikers at risk of getting badly hurt or killed in a rear end collision.

    These scenarios describe many of the accidents Flora Templeton Stuart and her team handle for injured Glasgow motorcycle riders. However, no matter how a motorcycle crash happened, riders and their families deserve diligent, caring legal representation to help them recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses.

    Glasgow Motorcycle Accident Injuriesmotorbike chopper on the country road riding. having fun driving the empty road on a motorcycle tour.

    Although motorcycle riders often don protective equipment, such as helmets (required for some riders under Kentucky law), eyewear, back protectors, and rash-resistant jackets and pants, personal gear can only do so much to avert an injury in a violent Glasgow motorcycle crash. Riders in an accident inevitably face risks of catastrophic and fatal injuries, which often include:

    • Traumatic brain injuries. Without a helmet, riders run a high risk of sustaining fatal head injuries in an accident. Helmets truly save lives. They do not work miracles, however. In a bad Glasgow motorcycle crash, riders get thrown from the saddle against objects or to the ground. Their heads, even when helmeted, sustain heavy blows and jolts that can cause tearing, bleeding, and swelling in the brain. These traumatic brain injuries, even if not fatal, can cause losses of consciousness and long-term functional and emotional impairments.
    • Spinal cord injuries. A rider thrown off of a motorcycle in a crash also frequently sustains injuries to the spinal column and the spinal cord. Spinal column injuries, such as cracked vertebrae and ruptured discs, often lead to a lifetime of chronic pain and disability. Damage to the spinal cord itself may leave a rider permanently paralyzed, unable to work or ride a motorcycle ever again.
    • Severe road rash. This injury might sound minor, but it can cause riders major health complications. A rider launched from the saddle in a collision can slide long distances along a road surface, creating friction that burns and abrades a rider’s protective gear and the skin beneath it. The resulting wound combines thermal burn, abrasion, and laceration, and embeds dirt, grime, and debris in a rider’s skin tissue. Doctors treat road rash in roughly the same way they treat a bad burn, which may require skin graft surgeries and isolation to protect against potentially deadly infection. Road rash that heals can still leave a rider with a discolored, disfiguring scar known as a “traumatic tattoo”, so named for materials that remain embedded in the skin.
    • Major orthopedic injuries. Few motorcyclists escape a crash without suffering some kind of bone break, dislocated joint, or ligament or tendon injury. Some of this trauma heals in time, with proper medical care. However, it may also leave riders with long-term pain, limited range of motion, and diminished motor function.
    • Internal injuries. A Glasgow motorcycle accident can also cause severe trauma to a motorcyclist’s internal organs, such as the lungs, liver, and kidneys. One frightening aspect of these injuries is that they might not show symptoms right away, but can worsen and become deadly if not treated. Internal organ damage can also cause long-lasting health complications.

    Of course, the list above does not begin to cover all of the types of injuries a biker might suffer in a Glasgow motorcycle accident. No matter their injury, every motorcyclist harmed in a crash should receive compensation from the parties at fault. A skilled legal counselor like Flora Templeton Stuart works to make sure that happens.

    Glasgow Motorcycle Accident Injury Liability

    glasgow ky motorcycle accident attorneyAs an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer, Flora Templeton Stuart knows the critical importance of identifying every individual or corporate entity that may have made bad decisions or taken reckless actions that led to a client’s injury.

    Each of those parties could face legal liability for a Glasgow motorcycle crash.

    As a general proposition, the more of them the injured biker’s attorney can identify, the better the odds of the biker recovering every dollar of compensation the law allows.

    Who might have legal liability for a Glasgow motorcycle crash? It always depends on the unique circumstances of the particular accident, of course.

    Over the years, however, Flora Templeton Stuart and her team have come to learn that the following individuals and entities often bear at least some of the blame for a devastating motorcycle accident:

    • A car or truck driver. Motorists have a legal and moral obligation to take as much care around motorcyclists as they do around anyone else on Kentucky roads. Sadly, lots of drivers fail to fulfill that obligation, and innocent, law-abiding motorcyclists take the brunt of the consequences. Flora Templeton Stuart fights to hold motorists accountable when they turn left in front of motorcyclists, pull out of a driveway into a motorcycle’s path, or merge into a lane without care for the safety of a motorcyclist.
    • An employer. Car and truck drivers who cause an accident while working often put their employers on the hook for legal liability to an injured motorcyclist. Employers usually have legal liability for the actions of their employees. They also may face liability for their own actions, such as when they fail to train drivers or to maintain vehicles in safe working order.
    • A manufacturer. Manufacturers of vehicles and vehicle parts have a legal duty to design and build products that are safe for ordinary use. A defective car, truck, or motorcycle part can cause a mechanical failure that results in a catastrophic bike wreck. When that happens, the manufacturer faces legal liability to accident victims, and Flora Templeton Stuart works hard to make the manufacturer pay.
    • A government entity. One of the most important jobs of local government in Glasgow and throughout Kentucky is to maintain roads in safe condition for all road users, motorcyclists included. A municipal or county road department that fails to fix dangerous road conditions, or to warn motorcyclists of those conditions, could face legal liability for a crash that results.

    In other words, every Glasgow motorcycle accident has a cause, and behind most of those causes lies someone’s bad decision or careless action. Flora Templeton Stuart and her team commit their efforts and resources to finding those legally liable parties and to holding them accountable to innocent crash victims.

    Compensation for a Glasgow Motorcycle Accident

    No one can guarantee that a Glasgow motorcycle crash victim will always recover compensation for crash injuries.

    Every case has its own unique circumstances, and the amount of money a crash victim might receive can depend, in part, on the financial resources (insurance, assets, etc.) of the parties who have legal liability.

    Working with an experienced lawyer like Flora Templeton Stuart is the most reliable way to evaluate the compensation you may deserve for your Glasgow motorcycle crash injuries.

    As a general matter, however, motorcyclists injured in crashes can often recover significant compensation for:

    • Medical expenses. The cost of medical care can swamp an accident victim’s finances, even when the victim’s own insurance pays for some of it. By taking legal action against parties with liability, motorcyclists can recover the cost of hospitalizations, doctor visits,, ambulance rides, prescriptions, durable medical equipment, physical and emotional therapy, and any other medical-related product or service they need now or in the future because of their crash injuries.
    • Lost wages and earning potential. A Glasgow motorcycle crash can cause serious injuries that put victims out of work for months or more. Injuries that inflict permanent impairment or disability can prevent a motorcyclist from returning to work at all. Flora Templeton Stuart and her team work diligently to hold legally-liable parties accountable for all past, present, and future income a motorcycle crash victim loses.
    • Pain, suffering, and diminished quality of life. Out-of-pocket costs only account for some of the harm caused by a Glasgow motorcycle crash. Victims of these accidents and their families also face agonizing physical pain and long-lasting emotional trauma that can make life feel unbearable. Money cannot make suffering go away, but it can provide resources to help alleviate it. Flora Templeton Stuart listens to her clients with compassion to make sure she understands the full scope of the harm done by a bike wreck, so that she can seek the full-measure of damages those clients deserve.

    These are just some of the types of “damages” a Glasgow motorcycle accident victim might hope to recover. Speak with Flora Templeton Stuart and her team today to gain an understanding of the scope and nature of damages you might receive by taking legal action after a crash.

    Your Glasgow Motorcycle Accident Attorney

    flora templeton stuartFlora Templeton Stuart has committed her legal career to helping innocent victims of accidents and tragedies rebuild their lives.

    If a Glasgow, Kentucky motorcycle crash has left you or a loved one struggling with severe injuries and tragic losses, you may have the right to obtain significant compensation from those who caused you harm.

    Seek the advice of skilled, compassionate, resourceful legal counsel today. Contact Flora Templeton Stuart online or at 888-782-9090 for a free case evaluation.

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