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    You’ve been in a car accident in Barren County.

    You’re headed to the emergency room with injuries when you were hit head on by a semi-truck.

    You may ask yourself “what should I do?  Should I call a lawyer?  Which lawyer should I choose?”

    The Law Firm of Flora Templeton Stuart has offices conveniently located at 213 Green Avenue in Glasgow, Kentucky.

    Hiring a local personal injury attorney who can be there immediately to meet with you in our office, your home, or the hospital is crucial to getting the immediate help that you need to navigate these difficult times.

    You’ve been in a car accident in Barren County.

    You’re headed to the emergency room with injuries when you were hit head on by a semi-truck.

    You may ask yourself “what should I do?  Should I call a lawyer?  Which lawyer should I choose?”

    The Law Firm of Flora Templeton Stuart has offices conveniently located at 213 Green Avenue in Glasgow, Kentucky.

    Hiring a local personal injury attorney who can be there immediately to meet with you in our office, your home, or the hospital is crucial to getting the immediate help that you need to navigate these difficult times.


    Flora Templeton Stuart is a proud member of the Barren County community. When she’s not engaged in her legal practice, Flora is giving back in the Barren County community, helping in the schools, charities, and fundraising events. If you’ve been out and about, you might have seen her law firm’s mascots, Poppy and Pixie, the raccoons. Recently, Ms. Stuart presented Red Cross Elementary School teacher Molly Warf with Poppy’s Teacher of the Month award and the $300 prize for her class!

    We routinely work with schools, hospitals, charities, and other organizations and frequently travel to schools throughout Barren County to present students and teachers with Poppy’s Leadership Award. Recently we visited Eastern Elementary, Red Cross Elementary and Hiseville Elementary.

    Throughout the pandemic, Poppy’s Wave Parade cheered up residents in Glasgow and Cave City while delivering pet supplies and food to the Barren River Animal Welfare Association , TJ Samson Community Hospital, and Glenview Health & Rehab.  We are also members of the Barren County Chamber of Commerce.

    Tips That Might Help You Get the Help You Need for a Recovery You Deserve

    • Immediate Medical Help – getting checked out at the emergency room after a car accident following the collision is very important not only to document your injuries, which could be questioned at a later date, it is most important to receive the medical treatment you need to make sure you recover from your injuries. If injured in Glasgow, Kentucky you can treat at TJ Samson Hospital.
    • If you are able, have yourself or someone close to you take photos of the scene, vehicles in the automobile accident
    • If possible, explain to the police on the scene what happened and be sure that someone calls the police immediately following the accident. Do not move your vehicle unless you must do so for safety.
    • If you can, get information on the person that hit you, if a business or commercial vehicle get a photograph of their sign on the vehicle.
    • Once you have received the emergency medical treatment needed, call an attorney who is local, experienced in auto accidents and can personally meet with you even if it is on the weekends. Our law firm has 24 hour service and we often meet with our clients on evenings and weekends when they cannot travel to us.  If you cannot call an attorney, have your close family member call for you.
    • Do not talk to the liability insurance company insuring the vehicle that caused the wreck until you consult with your injury lawyer.

    What Can a Law Firm do for Me After a Car Accident in Glasgow?

    Kentucky law applies whenever you are in a car accident in Glasgow, Kentucky. Our local attorneys at Flora Templeton Stuart will explain the steps that should be followed:

    • Our law firm will refer you to excellent treating physicians, therapists and chiropractors depending on your injuries so you begin treatment immediately which is crucial in an automobile accident case.
    • Our law firm will reserve PIP (personal injury protection) benefits for you. If someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of who may be at fault insurance on all motor vehicles except motorcycles must include basic PIP coverage. Basic PIP benefits pay up to $10,000 for medical expenses, lost wages up to $200 per week, replacement services and survivor benefits if someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident.  Our law firm will reserve these benefits for you.  Since they are limited, they are important to have for lost wages and medical expenses with your chosen physicians.  (See KRS 304.39)
    • Referral to reputable physicians and therapists. Meeting with you the first time we will set up appointments with physicians and therapists if needed.  You can obtain immediate medical treatment.  We will arrange for PIP to pay the bills so you will not be concerned about medical expenses for treatment.
    • We will explain to you how we will be investigating the accident, taking photos of the scene and automobiles and trucks involved, and statements of witnesses wherever available. We will hire our local investigators to be on the scene immediately upon being retained.
    • We will explain to you all the types of insurance coverage available so you can be aware and understand how your medical bills will get paid along with a good and fair settlement once you have completed your medical treatment. This includes insurance coverages with PIP, uninsured, underinsured, which are all very important for your attorney to establish in your case.  Only experienced personal injury lawyers understand the types of coverages and how to preserve them or locate them for their injured clients.

    These are a few of the major points of work that our law firm at Flora Templeton Stuart will be preforming for you in your case.  It is very important that we meet with you as soon as possible following the automobile accident so we can protect your benefits and preserve the evidence.

    Six Figure Settlement For Glasgow Car Accident Victim

    Recent Glasgow KY Car Accident
    Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers were retained by a driver involved in a 4-car collision in Glasgow, KY. Our client, Alex, was rear-ended on Happy Valley Road by a negligent commercial truck driver causing a chain reaction.

    Our accident team immediately investigated the accident, obtained police reports and witness statements, and handled all negotiations with the insurance company to build a strong case and maximize Alex’s recovery. We reserved his PIP benefits so he would have funds for lost income while he recovered.In addition to recovering a six-figure settlement for our client, we also provided referrals to quality physicians that would give Alex the best chance of getting his life back.

    Read the Full Case Summary Here.

    Are There Many Motor Vehicle Accidents in Barren County Kentucky?

    glasgow car accident attorneyUnfortunately, serious and often fatal crashes are much too common in Barren County, particularly with its proximity to the highways close-by.

    Tragically, on May 10, 2020 Kentucky State Police received a call from the Barren County Sheriff’s office to help with a single vehicle crash on Coral Hill Road, in Barren County, a Saturday night.

    At that time they found Christopher McCoy, only 32 years of age, seriously injured after losing control of his vehicle and hit trees on the side of the road.

    His 10 year old passenger was pronounced dead at the scene by the Barren County coroner.  Although restrained, the female passenger did not survive. This was posted on on May 10, 2020.

    Kentucky Transportation Cabinet with the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety established a highway safety planning program from October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018 to reduce fatalities and injuries with education and highway safety.  Data was collected throughout Kentucky to include Glasgow, Barren County for population, total crashes, fatalities, serious injuries, causes of collisions such as speeding, failure to use seatbelt and impaired driving.

    According to Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, Barren County had a score of 4059.9 factor ratings in problems crash data dangerous road conditions, failure to follow safety practices in operating a vehicle.  Programs for safe driving established by the highway safety office of Kentucky included the following:

    • Distracted Driving Program – Drivers are often distracted through radio, personal activities such as grooming, eating while driving or chatting, cell phone usage, and any other activity that distracts the driver from the road.
    • Impaired Driving Program – This is a hands on experience that can help teach safe driving in a controlled environment typically used in the public schools.
    • Occupant Protection – This is particularly important for the proper usage of seat belts.
    • Young Drivers Program – Education of young drivers about dangers of driving and practice while driving crucial to safety for young drivers.  Students will develop habits for a lifetime.
    • Child Passenger Safety – Child safety is crucial in Kentucky and Glasgow. The use of properly fitted child safety seats and seat belts are important.
    • Motorcycle safety – The goal was to reduce the overall motorcycle crash history throughout Kentucky and Barren County with educational materials, safety and driving training information for motorcyclists.
    • Mature Drivers – When mature senior drivers need focus on driver awareness to stay alert.
    • Distracted Driving – Education concerning distracted driving is crucial. The consequences of distracted driving is often a serious or fatal crash.
    • Corporate Outreach – reaching out to corporations so they can educate their employees as part of this program.
    • Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Program – In Kentucky and Barren County bicycle pedestrian safety is important so that operators of vehicles can watch for bicyclists on the roads and bicyclists and pedestrians can know how to walk or operate a bicycle safely on our highways.

    These and other programs established by the state of Kentucky sought to reduce the rate of car accidents and other types of vehicle collisions in all counties across Kentucky to include Barren County at

    Call a Glasgow Personal Injury Attorney if You Have Been in a Car Accident

    The Law Firm of Flora Templeton Stuart is available 24/7 if someone has been injured due to no fault of their own in an automobile collision which can be another vehicle, motorcyclist, car, commercial truck or semi-truck on the roads and highways.

    Countless car accidents which have resulted in fatalities found across Barren County, particularly to its proximity to the highways. Our law firm is ready to be on the scene immediately to interview witnesses, preserve the evidence, take photographs and meet with our injured clients so they can get the settlement that they deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

    What Our Glasgow Injured Clients Are Saying  

    Our Barren County clients whom we have represented have given us reviews of which we are proud, such as the following:

    “My settlement came in a very timely manner.  My calls were always returned and everyone was very pleasant and helpful!  Overall, it was a wonderful experience.”  Brandy L., Glasgow

    “I was t-boned by someone pulling out of the parking lot.  I saw the commercials and called their office and met with them.  They sent me to good doctors and had physical therapy for my injuries.  I was very happy with their services and would recommend them to anyone in a car wreck.”  Amber B., Glasgow

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