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Six Figure Settlement For Glasgow Car Accident Victim

Glasgow KY Case SummaryFlora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers were retained by a driver involved in a 4-car collision in Glasgow, KY. Our client, Alex, was rear-ended on Happy Valley Road by a negligent commercial truck driver causing a chain reaction.

Our accident team immediately investigated the accident, obtained police reports and witness statements, and handled all negotiations with the insurance company to build a strong case and maximize Alex’s recovery. We reserved his PIP benefits so he would have funds for lost income while he recovered.

In addition to recovering a six-figure settlement for our client, we also provided referrals to quality physicians that would give Alex the best chance of getting his life back.

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The Collision

Although he was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision, Alex sustained serious injuries to his neck and back and was transported to T.J. Samson Community Hospital for medical treatment. It was discovered that Alex sustained a cervical disc rupture due to the force of the impact and would likely never make a full recovery.

Instead, Alex would need regular injections to manage his back pain for the foreseeable future. This not only created a financial burden due to the cost of his medical treatment, but the injuries were detrimental to his work capacity, as well as his ability to engage in activities requiring physical labor.

At the time of the collision, Alex was working as a service technician and was operating a company vehicle when the accident occurred. Since he was on duty at the time, his employer initially agreed to provide some compensation for his injuries and wage loss. However, when the full extent of Alex’s injuries became apparent, the relationship between Alex and his employer began to sour.

Alex missed an extended period of work while recovering and was eventually placed under permanent work restrictions by his physician. This not only prevented Alex from earning a living during his recovery period, but his position at the company was put in jeopardy when the employer was unable to accommodate the light duty restrictions.

This had an undeniable adverse effect on his position with the company and it was unclear whether or not Alex would ever be able to return to work with his former employer.

Glasgow KY Case Summary Back PainThe Result

When someone has experienced a serious injury through no fault of their own, our attorneys do whatever is necessary to help them get their life back on track.

In Alex’s case, we were able to pursue damages against the negligent driver of the commercial vehicle so there was ample insurance to provide full compensation for his injuries and losses, including any past & future medical bills and lost wages.

**The client’s name has been changed to protect his confidentiality.

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