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Author: Flora Templeton Stuart

Flora Templeton Stuart is the lead attorney and founder of the law firm Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers, established in 1976. She is a nationally recognized personal injury lawyer with over 40 years of experience. Her story has been featured on Fox, The New York Times, ABC, Time, and NBC.
How To Maximize a Settlement in a Personal Injury Case in Kentucky 

If you are involved in an auto accident in Kentucky, being aware of the process enables you to maximize the value of your potential settlement. In valuing a case, our law firm provides personal representation with our local top lawyers to maximize settlements for our clients’ injuries in car, truck, slip and fall, bike, dog […]

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Bodily Injury/Liability Car Insurance Coverage: What Do You Need?

  All Kentucky motorists should carry at least the minimum requirements. Lenders require full property damage coverage on financed vehicles to protect their investment. The attorneys at Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers can consult you in obtaining the appropriate coverage for you.   Drivers in Kentucky must have proof of insurance. You may need […]

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Ankle & Foot Injuries

Both car accidents and slip and fall accidents are common causes of ankle and foot injuries. These injuries can result in pain, as well as long-term mobility issues. Feet do a lot of work for most people, and any injury to them can have a negative impact on mobility, quality of life, and independence. Ankle […]

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Side Swipe Accidents

A side swipe accident is any accident where one car makes contact with the side of another vehicle.  They usually happen when one driver attempts to merge into another driver’s lane, or when one driver cuts the other driver off. In Kentucky, sideswipe accidents account for 20% of all collisions and 4% of all fatal […]

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Kentucky Pedestrian Accidents

Representing pedestrians takes an experienced attorney who can be on the scene immediately following the accident. Witnesses are crucial if they can be located since often the pedestrian is severely injured and unable to speak while the motorist denies liability.  Our law firm has represented thousands of pedestrians injured by vehicles on the road. Our […]

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Distracted Driver Accidents in Kentucky

Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers has represented thousands of accidents involving distracted drivers. This is perhaps one of the most common causes of vehicle accidents and can be with cars, trucks, and all types of vehicles on the road. Actual Case Handled By Our Law Firm Our law firm represented a young man stopped […]

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Rear End Car Accidents

Did you know? Rear-end automobile accidents are the most common type of car accident in Kentucky. Nationwide, these accidents account for roughly 33% of all motor vehicle crashes. Our Results With Rear End Collisions One of our clients, James*, had his car crushed in a rear-end collision.  After the accident, the police determined that the […]

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Bowling Green Wrongful Death Lawyers

Wrongful Death Representing a family that has lost a loved one is one of the most difficult cases we handle. We understand that we cannot bring back the loved one, but we do everything we can to bring about healing for the family and all those who have lost someone they loved. The photo below […]

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Bowling Green Head-on and Front-end Collision Lawyers

Head-On/Front-End Collisions This photo is of an actual case handled by our law firm.  Flora Templeton Stuart traveled to the scene with a team of experts.  This was a tragic case that resulted in the death of our client.  We represented the family of the deceased and the Administrator of the Estate.  This is an […]

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