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Tire Blowout Accidents in Bowling Green: Who is Liable?

Tire blowouts are responsible for a countless number of car accidents across the country. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that tire defects account for most motor vehicle accidents, especially those involving trucks. On the rural roads in Bowling Green, tire blowouts may occur more often due to older roads being in poor condition.

What’s In This Article:

The question on most people’s minds is who is liable for tire blowout accidents. Read on as we explore that topic. First, let’s consider the causes of tire blowouts.

What Causes Tire Blowouts?

Most tire blowout causes can be linked to vehicular contributing factors. Here are the most common causes:

  • Defective Tires

The tire may develop a defect during manufacturing. It could range from a thin layer of rubber walls to deformed treads. The manufacturer or the dealer can detect these defects before selling the tires.

  • Leaking Tires

If the tires are not well capped or the cap is missing, they gradually lose pressure, posing a danger of a blowout. The driver should inspect the tires to ensure the caps are in place and fitted correctly.

  • Incorrectly Inflated Tires

If the pressure in your tires is too much or inadequate, it may cause a blowout. Inspect your tires before driving off. If you are driving for long distances, inspect the condition of the tires after every stopover and keep the pressure at the correct levels.

  • Overloaded Vehicles

Tires are made to withstand limited weights. Overloading your motor vehicle exerts too much pressure on the tires, and they are likely to blow out.

  • Unsafe Roads

The road may be in bad shape. There may also be too much debris on the road, harming the tires and leading to a blowout. Bowling Green has many roads in unsafe conditions due to all the rural farm areas in Warren County.

What to Do if You have a Tire Blowout

A tire blowout may cause you to panic and lose control. However, you can maintain control of the vehicle and reduce the severity of the accident. Here is what you should do if you have a tire blowout:

  • Remain Calm

Remaining calm helps you make sound judgments. If you panic, you may make moves that worsen the situation. For instance, you may struggle with the steering wheel and brake, causing the vehicle to lose stability.

  • Steer Straight

Most drivers’ first reaction is to step on the brakes when they detect a blowout. This increases the instability of the vehicle, making you lose control. To maintain control of the vehicle, do nothing for the first few seconds other than holding tightly on the steering wheel and steering straight. Turning the car makes it lose balance.

  • Step on the Gas Pedal Lightly

The idea is to allow the vehicle to lose speed gradually. Step on the gas lightly to keep the truck moving as it may overturn if it stops abruptly. Release the pedal steadily to bring it to a gradual halt.

  • Pullover 

Once the vehicle slows down to a controllable speed, steer it to a safe spot on the roadside to avoid blocking the road. Mind other road users and only pull over when it is safe for you and them.

  • Turn on Your Hazard Signal and  Emergency Flares

Alert other road users about your stalled vehicle for them to take caution as they approach. Place your emergency triangles properly and activate your flares.

  • Change Your Blowout Tire and Inspect the Others

After a slight accident, arrange for another tire and resume your journey after inspecting the condition of the tires and the vehicle. Call for assistance if you are unable to change the tire.

If you want to sue after the accident, involve your accident lawyers immediately. You may need him or her if the accident results in injuries or serious damage.

What Parties Might Be Liable for Tire Blowout Accident?

If you have been involved in a blowout accident, you may be wondering whom to sue for injuries and damages to the vehicle and goods. This depends on what investigators report as the cause of the blowout. Here are some possibilities:

  • The Vehicle Owner

The owner of the motor vehicle may be liable if they failed to ensure the tires are in good condition. Even if it is the driver’s responsibility to inspect the tires, the company that employs him may have failed to replace worn-out or defective tires.

The vehicle owner is also liable if you can prove that they were aware that the vehicle was overloaded and still made the driver operate it.

  • The Driver 

The driver is liable for knowingly operating a defective vehicle. They are also to blame if they were negligent for failing to inspect the condition of the tires and inflating them properly. They may also share the blame if they willfully overloaded the vehicle, especially without the knowledge of the vehicle owner.

  • Tire Manufacturer

Some tire defects are beyond the control of the motor vehicle owner or driver. For instance, a driver may not notice thin rubber walls or malformed treads. If the blowout resulted from defects occurring during tire manufacture, the manufacturer is held liable.

  • The Tire Dealer 

Tire dealers are liable for selling defective tires. They may have noted the tires have malformations but went ahead to sell them.

  • The Mechanic

If the vehicle was serviced before you began your journey, the mechanic who serviced it may be liable for negligence. He should have inspected the condition of the tires and changed defective ones as part of the maintenance routine.

What if I Share Fault for the Accident?

You may share fault for a tire blowout accident if you were driving the vehicle and failed to inspect and inflate the tires properly. You may also have willfully overloaded the vehicle and compromised its safety on the road. Kentucky is a comparative negligence state where you can be partially at fault, which reduces damages.

You may also be charged for injuries or damage to other people’s properties based on the percentage of fault the jury apportions you. Ensure you have excellent legal representation from a reputable accident injury firm like Flora Templeton Stuart throughout the process to ensure you get justice and any compensation that you deserve.

How to Deal With the Aftermath of a Tire Blowout

Flora Templeton Stuart TestimonialsAssess if you, your passengers, or other road users have been injured. If there are injuries, call for immediate medical assistance.  Inform your employer about the accident. Also, inform your insurance service providers.

As highway patrol police service the accident scene, ensure a highly regarded accidents lawyer represents you. If you are in Bowling Green, call Flora Templeton Stuart for representation in all your accident injury legal needs. With offices right here in Bowling Green, we are ready to help.

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