We’ve Collected Millions
We’ve Collected Millions
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At the Law Firm of Flora Templeton Stuart our attorneys are committed to helping our injured clients, passengers, and pedestrians know their rights and how they can collect damages, pay medical bills and get their lost wages. 

Flora Templeton Stuart has settled thousands of cases for injured clients and collected millions over 40 years. She will not hesitate to go to court to fight for your rights.

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  • Pedestrians shall obey traffic signs, signals, and markings unless otherwise instructed by a police officer or other officially designated person
  • Drivers should yield the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing the roadway
  • Drivers should not try to pass vehicles stopped yielding at a marked or unmarked crosswalk
  • Drivers must always yield to pedestrians on sidewalks (such as entering or exiting driveways or parking lots)

Many factors contribute to a pedestrian accident. Sometimes, they are the result of an inattentive or negligent driver. Other times, the accident might have involved speeding, reckless driving or drivers who have been drinking or doing drugs. Sometimes, drivers hit pedestrians while they are using a crosswalk. Other times, accidents are not so clear cut. In such cases, the driver might try to blame the pedestrian for causing the accident. You need a local attorney on your side, call Flora Templeton Stuart.

Even a relatively slow-moving vehicle can cause fractures and other major injuries to a pedestrian due to the significant mass of the vehicle and the hardness of the outside surfaces in comparison to human flesh.

Leg fractures are particularly common due to the position of car bumpers at the moment of impact – while internal injuries and traumatic brain injuries are not far behind.

Millions in & Verdicts


Rear-End Collision

Rear End Accident 1.05 Million Settlement


Brain Injury


Commercial Truck

Commercial Truck Accident 1.7 Million Settlement

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a pedestrian accident, get medical treatment immediately. If possible, get the names of witnesses and photos of the car and scene. Call an experienced pedestrian injury lawyer to investigate and negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf so you can focus on what is most important – recovering from your injuries.

Pedestrian injury cases can be complex. In most cases, negligent, careless driving is to blame for the accident and the at-fault driver is solely responsible for your injuries. Other times, there may be factors involved that are not immediately evident such as poor traffic engineering at an intersection, right of way issues, improper signage, etc. Contact an experienced pedestrian injury attorney to evaluate your personal injury case to help you get all the compensation you deserve.


CALL 9-1-1

Take pictures of the accident scene.


Gather the other party’s name, contact information, insurance information and license number.


See a doctor immediately after your accident.

Call an attorney.

Don’t sign anything.

Don’t speak with the insurance company until you speak with an attorney.


In a personal injury lawsuit, damages are meant to compensate the injured person for all harm that was suffered. There is a saying in law that damages are “meant to make a person whole again.” Obviously, it is difficult to equate money with injuries. But that is how the system works and the car accident attorneys at the law firm of Flora Templeton Stuart has represented thousands of pedestrians seriously injured when hit by a car or truck while riding a bike, moped or walking. These cases can be catastrophic.

There are several types of damages:

  • medical expenses (past and future)
  • lost wages (past and future)
  • pain and suffering, and
  • loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Disfigurement
  • Brain Damage

The main types of injury damages are medical expenses and lost wages in Kentucky which has PIP benefits. The car that hit you pays medical bills and lost wages on their PIP Policy regardless of fault, usually limited to $10,000. If they have no insurance, your own vehicle that has PIP will pay.

The other two types are trickier. How does one calculate the value of pain and suffering? That is really up to a jury if you cannot reach a settlement with the insurance adjuster. Most cases settle without a jury trial. To give an extremely rough guide, if a pedestrian suffers some scrapes and bruises and a sore back for about a week, pain and suffering might be worth less than a thousand dollars. If the pedestrian suffers a broken hip, a broken collar bone, and a severe concussion, which leave the pedestrian with permanent severe headaches and permanent severe pain in the neck and shoulder area, pain and suffering might be worth millions. This is often limited by the amount of insurance the person has who hit you or your own policy for uninsured and underinsured (FAQ).

Loss of normal life or “loss of enjoyment” refers to the negative impact on the injured person’s life as a result of the accident. So, if an accident leaves a pedestrian paralyzed from the waist down, and the individual used to be an avid surfer and rock climber, these damages would be higher than if the injured person had spent little time outdoors and active even before the accident.

The driver who hits you should pay medical bills and lost wages for PIP as explained above and the balance when your case is settled the Law Firm of Flora Templeton Stuart will fight hard to collect for you.

If you or a loved have been hurt in a pedestrian accident, the sooner you hire an attorney, the better. The insurance company’s attorneys are already preparing their defense. Injury Lawyer Flora Templeton Stuart is here to help you. Call us toll-free at (888) 782-9090 seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Our law firm has collected millions over 40 years for our injured clients as pedestrians and in car and truck accidents.



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