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Car Accident Lawyers Can Help with a Distracted Driver Accident

Flora and Kent Discussing an Elizabethtown Case

Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers has represented thousands of accidents involving distracted drivers. Thi sis perhaps one of the most common causes of vehicle accidents and can be with cars, trucks, and all types of vehicles on the road.

With our offices in Bowling Green, Glasgow, Greenville, and Hopkinsville, we are close to our clients and travel to meet injured clients throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. The finest car accident attorneys will come to you.

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    Real Case Handled by our Firm

    Our law firm represented a young man stopped in traffic due to construction on the road when a semi-truck coming from the other direction pulled out into his land striking him in the rear. As you can see from the photo this was a very serious collision that resulted in considerable injury to our client who did survive the accident. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Barren County, Kentucky where he was treated for a concussion and a severe back injury. Our law firm reserved his PIP for his medical bills and lost wages which were considerable and obtained excellent medical treatment so he could recover from his injuries and document them to maximize his settlement. We obtained all of the insurance available and were aware of policy limits and avoided litigation for our client.

    Photo of distracted-driver car accident in Kentucky

    Distracted Driving is More Than Driving

    Texting – In Kentucky it is against the law to text while driving without using a hands-free mode.

    Eating and Drinking While Driving – This is a common type of distraction that can result in an accident.

    Passengers such as children and even pets – Looking around to take care of your pet or child can distract you from preventing an accident.

    Listening to the radio – Looking down to change the radio for other stations can cause an accident.

    Main distracted driving types fall into three types which are visual, cognitive, and manual.  Visual is any distraction that takes your eyes off the road.  Manual is when you are not aware as you should be of your driving activity.  This could be from not enough sleep, daydreaming, or doing anything that keeps you from being mentally aware of what is happening on the road.

    Kentucky Distracted Driving Laws

    While a GPS device can be used by a driver over the age of 18 for entering an address or reading a driver under 18 may not use any device for personal communication. There is an exception for an emergency such as calling 911. However, Kentucky has outlawed texting while driving since 2010 the law specifically states that texting and driving are prohibited for all drivers while the vehicle is in motion. Exceptions to this are as follows

    • As stated earlier, an emergency
    • You may use this to report illegal activity or dangerous circumstances
    • To save the life of another person or serious injury
    • The use of a GPS device that is integrated into the vehicle so you do not have to remove your eyes from the road

    There are fines in place if you are caught texting while driving and if you are involved in an accident you will likely be deemed at fault and could be charged with reckless driving. Moist importantly, not only is driving while texting or using your cell phone without these exceptions against the law, it is very dangerous and could result in serious injury or death to yourself or your loved ones and passengers in your vehicle as well as other drivers on the road.


    Is driving while distracted dangerous?

    In 2020, 3,142 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. This is one of the most dangerous activities while driving.

    What is distracted driving?

    Distracted driving includes any type of activity that takes your attention away from the road when you are behind the wheel driving your vehicle.

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