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How To Get An Accident Report In Gallatin TN

Gallatin TN Accident ReportOne of the most important steps to take when involved in a car or semi-truck accident in Gallatin, TN is to notify the appropriate law enforcement agency or local police department so they can complete a written accident report.

Most often, 911 will dispatch the appropriate agency on your behalf to investigate the collision.

If the vehicle accident occurred within the city limits of Gallatin, the Gallatin Police Department will usually investigate.

If this collision occurred outside the city limits of Gallatin, but in Sumner County, then Sumner County Sheriff’s Office would likely be the law enforcement agency.

If the wreck happened on a highway or parkway, such as Interstate 65, then Tennessee Highway Patrol should be the appropriate agency to respond.

When Can I Request An Accident Report in Gallatin?

Gallatin accident reports will usually be available within a week following the collision, and can be retrieved online, via mail, or by visiting your local law enforcement office in Gallatin.

The Department of Safety & Homeland Security provides for some traffic crash reports to be made available for purchase online at
The following information will aid you in ordering your Gallatin Accident Report online:

  • Last name of party involved,
  • Drivers license number of involved party,
  • Buycrash report number,
  • Date of accident.

The investigating officer who responds to the accident should tell you how to obtain a copy of the report if it is not available online.

Most often, they are available by mail or by stopping by the physical office. Sometimes, law enforcement agencies may be willing to fax a copy of the report directly to you.

What Information is Recorded in Gallatin Accident Reports?

Gallatin Accident Reports, also known as Tennessee Electronic Traffic Crash Reports, record important information regarding the time, location and details of the accident, the parties involved, insurance information, damage to vehicles, registration, and any potential witnesses, among other things.

Tennessee police reports can also list “contributing factors” such as driver “inattention” or “failure to yield the right of way.”

These police reports are important tools for insurance companies and attorneys to determine liability for the collision.

The reports will often also indicate the position each person was in the vehicle, possible injuries, restraints (seatbelts) used, and whether an individual was transported to a medical facility.

Get an Accident Report In Gallatin TNHow Can Our Firm Help After An Accident?

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