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How To Get An Accident Report in Greenville KY

Greenville KY Accident ReportIn 2014, there were approximately 4.4 million people living in Kentucky and 3.1 million of those Kentucky residents were licensed drivers.

Sadly, one out of every one hundred and forty-five Kentucky residents were injured in an accident on our roads or highways.

Further, one in every seventeen licensed drivers in Kentucky were involved in a vehicle accident either as a driver or passenger.

With car accidents and other vehicle collisions so common in Kentucky and other states, most of us have either been involved in an accident or have friends or family whom we know who have been in a wreck in Kentucky.

Where Can I Find My Greenville Accident Report?

Knowing what to do when you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Greenville, Kentucky, which has seen its share of vehicle accidents is crucial.  If you call 911, the local police in Greenville or other law enforcement agencies will come to the scene immediately after an accident.

If the accident occurred in the city limits of Greenville, Greenville Police Department will respond.

If this accident was outside the city limits of Greenville, in Muhlenberg County, then Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office should be the appropriate law enforcement agency.

If this collision happened on a highway or parkway, such as the Western Kentucky Parkway, then Kentucky State Police would respond.  Sometimes several police agencies will respond, especially in more serious collisions.

When Can I Request An Accident Report in Greenville?

Greenville accident reports should be available within a few days following the collision, and can be retrieved either online, via mail, or by stopping by your local law enforcement’s physical office. Kentucky Law requires that the collision report be completed within ten days after investigation of the collision.

Pursuant to Kentucky Law (KRS 189.635) if you are involved in the collision such as a driver or passenger you can obtain an accident report along with the insurance companies insuring any of the drivers and attorneys representing people involved in the collision.

At Flora Templeton Stuart Injury Accident Lawyers, we often obtain accident reports through a service known as Buycrash.

In fact, the police officers who investigate the collision will often provide you with a Buycrash information card with a case number so you can obtain your own report.

You can do so by visiting and for a cost of $10.00 you can obtain your own report.

You will need to provide information from your Greenville accident report for Buycrash, such as:

  • Last name of party involved
  • Drivers license number of involved party
  • Date of Accident
  • Buycrash report number

The police who investigated the collision should provide you with a copy of the report and/or how to obtain your report along with a Buycrash form.

For Greenville and Muhlenberg County, that would be KSP Post 2. when the Kentucky State Police investigated the collision.

In cases where there has been a death the Kentucky State Police will be the primary investigating officers and it could take months or years to obtain a final collision report.

What Information Does An Accident Report Contain?

In some cases accident reports will go into greater detail than others and this is usually seen in very serious accidents, especially where there have been injuries or death.

In most cases, Greenville accident reports will contain the following::

  • Driver License Number and Birthdate
  • Name, address and telephone number of all people involved (including passengers and witnesses)
  • Make, model, year, registration number and license plate number of the vehicles involved.
  • Contact information for each driver’s insurance company
  • Vehicle damage and estimated repair costs
  • Any property damage not part of the vehicle
  • Date, time and location of the accident
  • Weather and road conditions at the time of the accident
  • Traffic control devices at the scene of the accident (stop signs, traffic lights, etc.)
  • A diagram of the accident and written description
  • Whether any tickets or fines were issued and if so, for what reason
  • In some cases photos of the collision

The information obtained on the Greenville accident report is very important to your personal injury attorneys for establishing your case.

Sometimes the at fault driver will not voluntarily provide information such as insurance which is important to establish in collecting damages to include property damage in your injury claim.

If a diagram of the accident and photos of skid marks and vehicles involved in the collision are provided, it can be crucial to your personal injury attorneys in establishing a claim against the at fault driver.

While our investigators and attorneys will often visit the crash scene immediately following the collision, it is the police who arrive first on the scene and their evidence is crucial.

Finally the police will obtain statements from all drivers and witnesses which can be very helpful in establishing fault.

Police Report In Greenville KY Contact Greenville Accident Injury Attorney Today

At Flora Templeton Stuart Injury Accident Lawyers no stone is left unturned.

Immediately upon being hired by an injured client in a Greenville accident we begin working on the case.

This includes not only obtaining the accident report which is crucial to our investigation, but making sure our injured clients receive the medical treatment they need from reputable physicians.

We file claims for our clients with their own insurance company to obtain personal injury protection benefits such as lost wages and payment of medical expenses but also against the insurance company for the at fault driver who will pay back our client’s insurance company.

We handle all consultations with the insurance companies for our clients. Investigation can include retaining accident reconstructionist to go to the scene and even interview the police officers who investigated the collision.

Flora Templeton Stuart personally oversees all of her injured client in accidents to make sure they get the justice they deserve putting her forty five years of experience to work for her clients.

Our law firm is available 24/7 at (888) 782-9090 which includes weekends to consult with no obligation with an injured client in an automobile or truck accident. Personal representation is our guarantee.

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