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Category: Personal Injury

Can a Waiver of Liability for Bowling Green Personal Injuries be Enforced?

Most organizations and businesses ask their customers to sign a liability waiver before using their equipment or participating in an activity. They do this in order to shield themselves from any liability and avoid being sued when a person suffers an injury or is killed either after using their product or while participating in an […]

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What You Should Know About the Duty of Care in a Bowling Green Personal Injury Claim

When you need to file a personal injury claim, you may hear the term “duty of care” a great deal. What exactly is a duty of care, and how does it apply to your personal injury claim? In this guide, the attorneys at Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers will break down ‘duty of care’ […]

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What is Gross Negligence in a Bowling Green Personal Injury Case?

When dealing with personal injury cases, the law assigns you legal duty to take reasonable care to uphold the safety of other people and property. If your careless actions result in injury or damage to property, it is considered negligence. The negligent person is held liable for the injury and can be asked to compensate […]

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All You Need To Know About Bowling Green’s Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Bowling Green, Kentucky is a beautiful agricultural center along the Barren River, the seat of Warren County, and home to over 100,000 happy Kentucky citizens. However, just like any city, Bowling Green is no stranger to personal injury accidents. In fact, Warren County, home of Bowling Green, sees between 4,000 and 5,000 car accidents each year. If […]

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Soft Tissue Injury & Settlement Guidelines: What Bowling Green Residents Must Know

If you suffered non-catastrophic injuries after a car accident, you might wonder how to describe your injuries. A car accident can leave you with catastrophic, mild, or soft tissue injuries. But how do you know if you suffered soft tissue injuries? And what proper guidelines should you take to seek a settlement in Bowling Green? […]

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Can I Trust the Insurance Adjuster with my Personal Injury Claim?

It’s best to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer in Bowling Green, KY before speaking to an insurance adjuster. There are lots of reasons why you should not trust the insurance adjuster with your compensation claim. Read on to find out. In This Article: Why You Shouldn’t Always Trust an Insurance Adjuster They Represent The Insurance […]

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10 Tips for Dealing With Insurance Adjusters on a Kentucky Personal Injury Claim

Sustaining an injury in an accident that resulted from another person’s negligence can be stressful and dealing with insurance adjusters shouldn’t add to your problems. Insurance firms and their adjusters are often not focused on your well-being and may attempt to give you as little compensation as possible on your personal injury claim. Understanding ways […]

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Do Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Kentucky Personal Injury Cases?

When an accident happens, it does not single out healthy victims and those with pre-existing conditions. It affects them all, though the extent of injuries may differ among the victims. If you have a pre-existing health condition or injury, you may not be sure if you should disclose it or not. This could be because […]

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Discover the Personal Injury Case Timeline in Kentucky

Your personal injury lawsuit is as distinctive as your injury. This means that your timeline won’t resemble anyone else’s. Whereas there are several factors at play when you file a personal injury claim, knowing the duration it’ll take can help you get ready for the legal proceedings ahead. That said, with any type of personal […]

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