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Author: Flora Templeton Stuart

What is The Car & Commercial Truck Accident Mediation Process in Kentucky and Tennessee? 

The car accident mediation process is an alternative form of dispute resolution sometimes used to facilitate the settlement of car accident claims. At Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers we have mediated car and commercial truck accident cases for clients successfully both before filing suit and after the suit is filed and the case has […]

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What is the Average Settlement for a Kentucky and Tennessee Car Accident with Soft Tissue Injury?

Soft tissue injury cases can be challenging to take to trial and achieve a fair settlement from. Many insurers will do everything possible to deny soft tissue injury claims, limiting the scope for claims adjusters to negotiate on settlements. Often, this means an insultingly low initial offer and a refusal to negotiate, meaning many cases are […]

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Am I Always at Fault in a Rear End Collision?

Car crashes happen for a variety of reasons, from head-on collisions at high speed to minor fender benders.  Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of car accidents. Generally, the driver of the vehicle who rear-ends the vehicle ahead will be held liable for all damages stemming from the accident. This does not always […]

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How to Prevent a Kentucky Parking Lot Accident 

Not all car accidents take place at high speed on the highway. Car, truck, and pedestrian accidents frequently occur in parking lots, with up to 20% of fender benders taking place in these locations.  Fortunately, there is much you can do to mitigate and avoid a Bowling Green parking lot accident, and we here at Flora […]

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Internal Injuries from Car Accidents: Common Types of Internal Injuries and Internal Bleeding 

Internal injuries are among the most dangerous of all car accident injuries. If you sustain this type of injury in a car collision and you don’t seek immediate medical treatment, you could suffer from serious complications. Internal injuries can be fatal if untreated. If the car or truck accident and your internal injuries were caused by the […]

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What is a Kentucky Underride Truck Accident?

Few road accidents are more unnerving and overwhelming than those involving a large 18-wheeler truck. That said, not all truck accidents are the same. There are many ways in which trucks can cause injuries to other motorists. While jackknifing tends to get the most press, underride truck accidents in Kentucky are also potentially lethal and […]

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Dangers of Unsecured Truck Loads in Kentucky

Many large commercial trucks tow heavy trailers that are fully loaded with cargo. Some of the most common freight types hauled on Kentucky roads include consumer goods, agricultural equipment and debris, and hazardous waste. If these shipments are not appropriately loaded, they can easily spill over, potentially causing a catastrophic truck accident. It is the […]

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What Causes a Semi Truck to Jackknife in Kentucky?

When a large rig jackknifes, everyone on the road is placed in grave danger. Jackknifing occurs when truck-trailer rigs become misaligned. This causes the trailer to swing out to either side, crossing other lanes and causing the truck driver to lose control. In many jackknife events, the 18-wheeler ends up toppling over. Accidents involving trucks […]

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Who is at Fault for a Bowling Green Bad Weather Car Accident?

If you are involved in a car accident, the experience typically triggers physical pain, emotional suffering, and financial stress. Many accidents happen in regular weather conditions, caused by the recklessness or distraction of other drivers. Even safe and attentive drivers are at heightened risk of an accident in bad weather conditions, though. At Flora Templeton […]

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