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Stuff the Bus

Poppy - Flora Templeton Stuart

Join Flora and Poppy the Raccoon and Pixie in donating school supplies for Stuff The Bus BG all weekend in front of Bluegrass Cellular on Campbell Lane. These supplies are greatly needed by our teachers to give to needy children in our community!

Since 2006, community members have come together to provide everything from basic school supplies to sports equipment and clothing to tremendous monetary donations, all used to help area children and the schools they attend. This past year, four school buses were filled to the brim with donations. This incredible success is greatly due to the efforts of radio personality Tony Rose to champion this worthwhile cause, as well as efforts by community members such as Flora Templeton Stuart. Stuff the Bus has continued to grow each year since it began 12 years ago. It has provided for school-age children all the way from kindergarten through high school, often helping the same children each year. Tony, as well as many community members, realized the educational dream should not stop at a high school diploma. This group of dedicated individuals recognized the need for a next step that would serve students as they pursue higher education opportunities. The goal is to give every child the same first day of school experience, regardless of background, home life, or economic status.

Stuff the Bus is not the only way Flora Templeton Stuart and Poppy are making a difference. Community service is the cornerstone of the Law Office of Flora Templeton Stuart. Making a difference in the lives of others through service is exemplified in her practice. Through events such as Stuff the Bus, Poppy’s Field Trip and many others she has been able to help countless students and children in our community. Stuff the Bus will continue to help deserving students and impact lives. Time will tell the future of the Stuff the Bus annual promotional event but the hope is to provide encouragement and assistance to the countless number of students for generations to come.

For more information Stuff the Bus and how Poppy and Flora Templeton Stuart has impacted and continues to impact the community, check out Poppy’s Facebook Page.

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