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Rear End Car Accidents

Nashville Rear End Accident

Did you know? Rear-end automobile accidents are the most common type of car accident in Kentucky. Nationwide, these accidents account for roughly 33% of all motor vehicle crashes.

Our Results With Rear End Collisions

Nashville Rear End Accident

One of our clients, James*, had his car crushed in a rear-end collision.  After the accident, the police determined that the other driver was to blame for the collision.  The other driver had been driving distracted.  The police determined that he’d been using his cell phone at the time of the accident, and thus was not paying attention to his surroundings.

His vehicle was totaled.  He’d also sustained considerable injuries to his neck and back.  He suffered from severe headaches.

When we first met with the client, we explained the entire process and referred him to several excellent physicians.  We made sure that every injury was properly documented so we could help him obtain a fair and reasonable settlement; after the initial accident he’d required hospitalization at a much later date, and had received an abnormal MRI. By the time he concluded his course of treatment, his medical bills totaled up to $75,000.

After obtaining his medical records, we sent a settlement demand to the insurance company.  Flora personally oversaw the case negotiations.  This resulted in a settlement of $125,000.  His health insurance provider paid the medical bills.

We could not restore our client to his former life, but we were able to help him get the settlement he deserved without forcing him to go to court.

Common Injuries in Rear-End Car Accidents

It’s common to see back, head, and spinal injuries in these cases that can lead to severe, chronic headaches. We’ve also seen lacerations on the chest, neck, and torso from the seatbelt, as well as airbag injuries.

The full list of the most common injuries we see includes:

  • Whiplash
  • Herniated discs
  • Fractured wrists, ribs, and arms
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken or missing teeth
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Crushed limbs

In many cases, these injuries can take several months to heal. A few of them can be life-changing. Fortunately, we can help you get compensation for lost wages as well as compensation for your medical bills.

Delayed symptoms are somewhat common in these cases. You may find that you require repeated visits to a medical provider to understand the full extent of the harm you have suffered as a result of your rear-end collision. We urge you to visit a physician any time new symptoms arise.

Common Causes of Rear-End Car Accidents

It’s probably no surprise to learn that distracted driving is one of the leading causes of rear-end car accidents. When a person takes their eyes off the road for just 5 seconds, they travel the entire length of a football field while going 55 miles per hour.

DUI, DWI, and driving while tired are other common causes.

Failing to use proper turn signals or to execute proper turns causes another significant portion of these accidents.

Tailgating, or following too closely, is another thing we see a great deal of. Failing to keep the proper number of car lengths between one car and the next means drivers are often unable to stop in time to prevent a collision. Tailgating is tied closely to aggressive driving, which can cause accidents in its own right.

Of course, some of these accidents are honest mistakes. Prevailing road conditions and inclement weather can at times make it difficult for drivers to judge whether or not they have sufficient distance between their car and the next one in line. Loss of traction or skidding could easily result in a rear-end car accident. Nevertheless, it is the driver’s responsibility to maintain control of their vehicle at all times, and that driver will likely be found at fault for the accident.

Who is liable for rear-end car accidents?

In most cases, the driver of the car in the back will be found at fault for the accident, though this isn’t always the case. We’ve seen cases where the negligent actor was someone who failed to pull over or turn on their emergency signals when they had a problem with or in their vehicles. Broken brake lights, tail lights, and turn signals can also cause rear-end accidents. Suddenly reversing the vehicle or stopping suddenly to make a turn without executing the turn can also be a source of these accidents.

Kentucky is a comparative fault state, which means that more than one driver can be assigned a percentage of fault.  If the Plaintiff is partially at fault their damages may be reduced by the percent of that fault assigned to them.  As your personal injury attorneys, it’s our job to help reduce this percentage as much as possible.

In a few rare cases, a manufacturing defect could cause a rear-end accident. For example, brakes that suddenly fail could easily cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle, and may even cause a multi-car pile-up.

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*Name changed to protect client confidentiality

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