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7 Types of Serious Bowling Green Motorcycle Injuries Involving Fractures

flora and clientThe freedom of enjoying the open air and the benefits of paying less fuel costs are just two of the countless reasons people love riding motorcycles. Despite the upsides, there is a cost.

The reason that motorcycles are so dangerous and accidents often result in fractures is because they are smaller than the vehicles that strike them and the bodies of motorcyclists are less protected. Because of this, motorcyclists often incur greater injuries when collisions occur. 

Motorcycle Statistics 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of fatal motorcycle accidents in 2018 was 4,985, nationally. This is a decrease from previous years. The total number of people sustaining motorcycle accident injuries that same year was 82,000. That same year, 1,494 motorcycle accidents occurred on Kentucky roadways, resulting in 86 fatalities. 

  • Only 3% of all motorcycle crashes occur in inclement weather;
  • 45% of motorcycle accidents result in more than a minor injury;
  • Driver inattention is the most common reason for motorcycle accidents in Kentucky;
  • Approximately 42% of all accidents involving a motorcycle and car involve a car turning left;
  • 8% of Kentucky traffic accidents involving a motorcycle resulted in a fatality in 2018;
  • NHTSA estimates that helmets saved the lives of 1,872 motorcyclists in 2017;
  • In 2018, 8% of U.S. homes had at least one motorcycle; and
  • Most fatal motorcycle accidents happen between the hours of 3 PM and 6 PM. 

The truth is that in the vast majority of accidents involving a car and a motorcycle, the motorcyclist is significantly more likely to sustain damage. If you were in a motorcycle accident that was caused by another party, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. 

7 Types of Serious Motorcycle Injuries Involving Fractures

Rarely does a rider emerge from a motorcycle accident unscathed. In addition to scrapes and bruises, fractures are a common injury in motorcycle accidents. 

Skull Injuries

Any injury to the head can be scary. Brain damage may occur, especially if the bone splinters or depresses. Serious fractures could require surgery. This is most common with cerebral spinal fluid leaks or if there is pressure on the brain. 

Arm Injuries

Motorcyclists may use their arms to brace themselves when they are falling off their bike. This can cause injuries to wrists, forearms, shoulders, and more. Surgery may be required after emergency room doctors set the break. 

Leg Injuries

Legs are strong areas of the body, but there can be various types of leg injuries from motorcycle accidents. This is especially true if a leg gets trapped under the motorcycle. Shinbones can be vulnerable in this situation. The thighbone is the strongest bone in the body, but with a potential impact of hundreds of pounds, even the strongest bones can fracture. 

Pelvis Injuries

Injuries to the pelvis can be life-threatening because of excessive bleeding. A pelvis injury may require you to have to keep weight off your legs for three to six months. A walker or crutches may also be required along with physical therapy. 

Spinal Injuries

Fractures can occur anywhere, including the spine. The most common type of spinal fracture is vertical body compression. Spinal fractures can be minor but can also be severe and even result in paralysis. 

Collarbone Injuries

A collarbone or clavicle fracture is a break in one or two long bones that connect to your breast bone or shoulder blade. Usually, a collarbone will heal on its own, but it may require a brace or splint to limit mobility. 

Rib Injuries

Many rib injuries will heal on their own, but not all. The rib cage protects vital organs like the lungs, spleen, and blood vessels. It is a good idea to be seen by a doctor for any sort of chest pain. 

Other Common Types of Motorcycle Injuries

flora at emergency roomThere are various types of motorcycle injuries that can occur depending on the impact angle and speed of the vehicle.

Common types of motorcycle injuries may include lacerations and scrapes from impact with the ground.

Road rash can consist of cuts and bruises in varying degrees of severity. Some may be minor, but others could result in permanent scars. 

Neck injuries are another common type of motorcycle injury. Though a helmet can help protect against damage to the skull, your neck remains fairly vulnerable to whiplash and more extensive damage. Your helmet can also become dislodged, causing brain damage.

How to Reduce the Risk of Motorcycle Injury

There is only so much you can do to avoid a careless driver, but there are precautions you can take to protect yourself. 

  • Take a motorcycle safety training course;
  • Understand the motorcycle laws in Kentucky;
  • Wear a proper-fitting helmet when riding;
  • Always use turn signals before changing lanes;
  • Know where you are in relation to other drivers’ blind spots; 
  • Make sure your passenger is comfortable riding;
  • Do not ride or pass on the shoulder of the road; and
  • Never drink and drive your motorcycle.

Awareness is the most important factor when it comes to preventing motorcycle accidents. Protective gear can also make a big difference. Types of protective motorcycle gear include:

  • Thick leather jacket and pants;
  • Leather gloves with reinforced knuckles;
  • Reflective clothing over or in addition to protective gear;
  • A properly fitting helmet;
  • Knee and elbow pads;
  • Heavy leather or plastic boots; and
  • A protective neck collar.

Leather is not just a fashion statement. It can withstand a lot of friction and is generally thicker and more durable than other types of material. This makes it a great preventative for road rash, and it is sometimes thick enough to avoid types of serious motorcycle injuries involving fractures. 

Should You Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

flora stuartIf you have experienced serious motorcycle injuries involving fractures or other types of motorcycle injuries because of another driver, you may be entitled to relief.

Motorcycle injuries that require medical attention, cause you to miss work, or impact your life should not be your financial responsibility.

Some of the ways an experienced motorcycle injury attorney can help include:

  • Helping you understand the process of receiving compensation;
  • Negotiating with insurance companies for a reasonable settlement;
  • Providing advice on immediate medical and transportation expenses;
  • Collecting evidence regarding the accident; and
  • Preparing and advocating for you at trial if necessary. 

The experienced and compassionate team at Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers will work with you and fight for fair compensation for your injuries. We also provide peace of mind throughout the process. Contact us today for your free consultation, and let us help you seek the relief you deserve. 

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