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Jason’s Story: From A Devastating Hopkinsville Car Accident To A New Beginning

DUI Case HopkinsvilleFlora Templeton Stuart personally met with Jason, a car accident victim hit by a drunk driver, when our team traveled to Jennie Stuart Hospital where he was receiving medical treatment.

The drunk driver, who worked as an insurance adjustor and was a prominent member of the local community, was uncooperative with law enforcement officials when he was arrested at the scene and taken to jail.

His defense team alleged that Jason’s injuries were from an unrelated incident nearly 20 years prior and disputed the allegations regarding the at-fault driver’s intoxication. This was, of course, false and our team immediately prepared for litigation to recover adequate compensation for Jason’s injuries and losses.

Jason had sustained a massive tear to his rotator cuff when the drunk driver crashed into several vehicles waiting at a stoplight on the opposite side of the road. These injuries not only required surgery, but extensive physical therapy to repair the damage to his arm.

During this period, Jason was unable to return to work as a technician and was forced to go over seven months without any income. As a result, Jason was on the verge of losing his home and everything that he worked so hard for his entire life.

To help him pay his bills while he was recovering from his injuries, our law firm, without charge, set up PIP insurance to pay his medical bills and lost wages.


Jason seriously injured his rotator cuff, which severely limited mobility and strength in his right arm. His orthopedic surgeon estimated that Jason only had 3-5 years before his injuries made the job duties required of him impossible to perform. This resulted in the demotion of his position at work since he could no longer perform heavy labor.

Due to the extent of Jason’s damages, our team spent countless hours building a case and preparing for trial. Suit was filed and depositions were taken of his physicians, witnesses, and the defendant who was found guilty of intoxication. We retained experts to testify on his behalf, which included an economist to establish his lost income.

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A few weeks before trial and after extensive litigation by our attorneys, we were able to settle the case at mediation. The settlement could not restore Jason to his former self but was able to compensate him for his injuries caused by the gross negligence of an intoxicated driver. We made sure that all medical bills were paid on behalf of our client.

We have changed the names to protect the confidentiality of our client.

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Flora Templeton Stuart

Flora Templeton Stuart is the lead attorney and founder of the law firm Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers, established in 1976. She is a nationally recognized personal injury lawyer with over 40 years of experience. Her story has been featured on Fox, The New York Times, ABC, Time, and NBC.