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How to Prevent a Kentucky Parking Lot Accident 

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Not all car accidents take place at high speed on the highway. Car, truck, and pedestrian accidents frequently occur in parking lots, with up to 20% of fender benders taking place in these locations. 

Fortunately, there is much you can do to mitigate and avoid a Bowling Green parking lot accident, and we here at Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers do all we can to prepare you to avoid parking lot accidents.


8 Ways to Avoid a Bowling Green Parking Lot Accident 

  1. Try to park smart 
  2. Always take it slowly 
  3. Use your mirrors and look behind you as well 
  4. Look closely for obstacles 
  5. Don’t forget to use your turn signals 
  6. Look out for pedestrians 
  7. Keep your distance from other parked cars when possible 
  8. Drive defensively 
  9. If a pedestrian, be very careful to watch for vehicles on the road and backing out of a lot


1) Try to park smart 

You can make your own luck to some extent when using parking lots. You will often find that parking on the outskirts of the lot helps you to avoid congestion, minimizing your chances of an accident. As an added benefit, you’ll get some extra exercise if you adopt this strategy.   

Try to choose a parking spot allowing you to drive all the way through with your front end facing out. This will make it easier to exit the car park, preventing you from needing to back up into a busy aisle. 


2) Always take it slowly 

One of the most effective ways of avoiding Bowling Green parking lot accidents is to drive slowly and extra cautiously. 

Most parking lots have lots of foot traffic as well as motor traffic, so inch along at low speeds, stay safe, and reduce your chances of a parking lot fender bender. 


3) Use your mirrors and look behind you as well 

When using a parking lot, check that all your mirrors are properly adjusted. It should be possible to see in all directions, but you should also be aware that even when you set your mirrors perfectly, there will be blind spots.  

When you are parking, use your mirrors, but do not rely on mirrors alone. Ensure that you move your head around, checking behind you if you are backing up. 

Car back-up cameras can also help you to reverse with more confidence and less chance of colliding with another vehicle or a pedestrian. If you have a camera installed, you should still look behind you when backing up. 


4) Look closely for obstacles 

There are many obstacles in most parking lots, some stationary and others moving. You should remain on high alert when maneuvering in parking lots as the path before you can sometimes rapidly change. 

Many pedestrians are fumbling with change, tickets, or cellphones. Many are not paying close attention to their surroundings. The same applies to distracted drivers and motorists pulling out of parking spaces without looking. 


5) Don’t forget to use your turn signals 

Failing to use your turn signals in a parking lot can easily lead to an accident. 

The more accurately you alert other road users and pedestrians of your movements, the less chance you have of a collision. 


6) Look out for pedestrians 

Even if pedestrians in a parking lot are not paying attention to their surroundings, it is your duty to look out for them. Up to one in ten pedestrian fatalities are the result of cars backing up. 

Watch out for pedestrians crossing the path of your vehicle. Always obey all crosswalks when you are in a parking lot. 

If you are driving into an area with dense levels of foot traffic, always adjust your speed accordingly, and be prepared to brake suddenly. 

Even if you do not see any pedestrians, you should still anticipate them. Pedestrians are likely to be carrying sacks of groceries, pushing strollers or trolleys, and shepherding children to the car. Always watch out for young kids who may dart ahead of their parents when they spot their vehicle. 


7) Keep your distance from other parked cars when possible 

Scratches and dents in the door of a car are annoying and can be hard to avoid. 

The most effective way of reducing your risk of this happening is to park away from other vehicles. This will not always be practical in small or especially busy parking lots. If you have a choice, though, opt for a parking space on the outskirts. 

Avoid the temptation to straddle several spaces. You may minimize the likelihood of anyone parking next to you, but it’s a selfish move. 


8) Drive defensively 

Perhaps the most effective way of cutting down the chance of having a car accident in a parking lot is to drive defensively.   

Be on high alert to your surroundings, looking out for cars as well as foot traffic. 

Never drive around parking lots at high speed, and never take unnecessary risks in an attempt to grab the last available space. 


9) Watch Carefully

If a pedestrian, make sure you watch closely for vehicles, especially while walking behind a parked car.

These are the most serious of parking lot accidents.


Accident Report: In most cases in Kentucky, the police do not write a written police report in parking lot cases.



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