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How Poor Road Conditions Cause Road Accidents in Bowling Green

Unfortunately, approximately 1.3 million individuals die from road accidents, every year. And while most road traffic crashes result from drivers’ negligence and bad decisions, such as drunk driving and overspeeding, not all accidents are the drivers’ fault. Some are caused by poor road conditions resulting in fatal and costly aftermaths. In Bowling Green, KY, there are many rural roads that have potholes and deteriorating pavement. You often see narrow roads on curves, causing accidents when both vehicles cannot fit on the road. Having an experienced accident attorney like Flora Stuart is important in proving the other vehicle caused the collision.

Read on to understand all about poor road conditions and accidents.

In This Guide:

Causes and Effects of Poor Roads in Bowling Green

Poor road conditions are a major factor in auto accidents. Even in situations where the quality of the road is not the primary cause of the accident, the condition can make the aftermaths worse.

There are numerous causes of bad roads, including;

  • Bad weather such as rain, tornadoes, and ice
  • Heavy traffic
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Lack of regular maintenance
  • Narrow roads with curves
  • Storms leaving roads damaged

The highlighted causes may result in potholes, cracks, sinkholes, and falling shoulders on the affected road. Consequently, it gets harder for drivers to navigate through such damaged roads. The conditions could also lead to vehicle damages such as suspension and tire blowout, which increases the chances of a crash.

How Do Bad Roads Cause Accidents?

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet revealed that environmental factors, including debris in roadway, slippery surface, and holes/deep ruts/bumps, accounted for roughly 23% of all Kentucky accidents in 2020. See discussing the poor roads in Bowling Green leading to accidents. When we talk of road issues, the main problems include slippery roads, muddy roads, cracks and potholes, and faded path paintings. How do these factors cause road accidents?

Misjudgment by Drivers

Drivers may not be aware of the hazards, especially if they are not familiar with the road. The driver is caught off guard, thus a high chance of an accident.

Loss of Control

Unexpected hazards cause the driver lose control of the vehicle. This happens mostly as the driver swerves in an attempt to escape the hazard. The results are either car rolling or a crash on another vehicle, or an object.


Suppose you just got to a road that you are unfamiliar with. Or, the road was in perfect condition the last time you remember, but suddenly, you are stuck in the middle of a muddy or slippery road. The confusion as the driver tries to figure out a way to get out of the frustration breeds uncertainty, which may facilitate accident occurrence.

Vehicle Damages

Potholes and cracks are a major cause of vehicle damages. Tires may blow out, making it hard for drivers to follow the traffic patterns.

Narrow Roads & Curves

A Driver may be on your side of the road when they go around a curve, hitting your vehicle. This is common on county roads in Bowling Green. For example, a deadly curve on U.S. 231 near Hadley Hill is notorious for serious collisions, despite the installation of non-skid pavement.

Common Types of Bad Road Conditions

When we talk of bad roads, we are referring to conditions that may compromise the driver or vehicle’s ability to get past the road safely. The common conditions include;

Cracks and Potholes

Cracks and potholes on the road surfaces result from poor road construction or lack of maintenance. The soil under the asphalt shifts as vehicles pass over the road, and this poses danger to the road users.

Cracks and potholes are common in high-traffic roads or roads that are routinely used by heavy vehicles such as tractor-trailers, buses, and construction vehicles.

Muddy and Slippery Roads

The roads may get wet or muddy especially during the rainy season. This problem is common in less-developed regions where the roads lack proper tarmacking.

Snowy/Icy Roads

Weather conditions are among the leading causes of fatal accidents in the US. Bowling Green drivers are often unfamiliar with ice and snow on the road and do not know how to navigate in these conditions. The accidents happen often when the road surfaces are covered in ice and snow, making them slippery and hard to navigate.

Faded Path Paintings

Roads must be paved with strongly-visible lines to guide drivers on how the roads should be navigated. If the lines are faded or poorly painted, that could breed confusion among drivers.

Poor Road Construction and Design

Sharp turns, blind curves and poorly graded roads are some examples of poor road construction and design. Such inconveniences make it hard for drivers to navigate the vehicles safely, which creates hazardous effects.

Hazardous Constitution Zones

Drivers are expected to slow down when approaching construction zones. If the work area is not designed with drivers’ safety in mind or lacks visible indicators, accidents are bound to happen.

Shoulder Drop

The shoulder is the area between lanes and on the side of the road. This part of the road should be properly paved to ensure it is on the same level as the rest of the road. Otherwise, if the shoulder drops below the road surface, it creates accident risks.

Storms Causing Hazardous Conditions

tornado Bowling Green December 2021

The recent tornadoes that struck Bowling Green on December 11th, 2021 caused severe damage to many roads creating hazardous conditions. This can be seen on 31W Bypass, Creason Street, Russellville Road, and Louisville Road.

Can You Sue the Responsible Party?

Drivers are rarely at fault for an accident caused by poor road conditions. Since they must keep an outlook for poor road conditions, drivers must be careful when navigating through bad roads. Drivers must:

  • Observe the speed limit and avoid aggressive driving behaviors
  • Not drink and drive
  • Slow down in slippery roads, cracked surfaces, and when approaching work zones
  • Observe how other drivers are navigating the roads
  • Stay on their side of the road

Filing a Lawsuit For Bad Road Accidents in Bowling Green

Flora on phone with clientIf you are injured in an accident resulting from bad road conditions, you may collect damages if the other driver was not careful, causing the collision and injuries. In Bowling Green, you have two years from the accident to sue, which can be extended with PIP benefits based on Kentucky’s statute of limitations.

After the accident, always;

  • Inform the police immediately after the accident and do not leave the scene
  • Take clear photos of the road, the scene where the accident occurred, and all vehicles involved. Your attorney or a passenger can do this for you if necessary
  • Collect contact details of eyewitnesses if present
  • Get immediate medical treatment for any injuries

Contact your attorney about the incident. It takes knowledge, skills, and experience to gather substantial evidence and file a claim within the time limit.

This is where Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers come in to help you navigate through the complex legal requirements. Our team has the knowledge, expertise, and negotiation skills to deal with the insurer and resources to investigate the accident.

You can count on our expertise and experience to help you with claim filing after an accident caused by poor road conditions. Contact us today at Flora Templeton Stuart for your free case consult, and let’s help you get the justice and compensation you deserve. We have represented the injured in car accidents in Bowling Green for over 46 years.

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