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How a Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Accident Causes a Neck or Back Injury

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If you are involved in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident in Kentucky or Tennessee, you watch for symptoms indicating an injury. When pain is accompanied by numbness or weakness in the legs or lower back or arms, this is a possible sign of sciatica which is pain radiating down your arms and legs from your back and neck injury caused by the car accident. 

Your sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body. Any damage is capable of causing pain on either side of the body, or both. You should be aware that sciatica can also be caused by natural aging and other conditions, though. 

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What Causes Sciatica? 

Sciatica occurs as a result of pressure placed on the sciatic nerve and is usually caused by bulging discs. Discs are made of cartilage, and these can be easily damaged in an auto accident. When this occurs, the discs bulge out of position, putting pressure on the sciatic nerve and triggering the classic symptoms of sciatica – more on those below. 

Back and neck injuries and spinal injuries are often complex and there could be multiple causes for the sciatica you are experiencing following a car accident. It is key to seek prompt medical attention so you can get an accurate clinical diagnosis of your injuries. That is why having injury lawyers who get you to good doctors is important.

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents Often Cause Sciatica Pain

Vehicle accidents can cause sciatica if the impact of the collision causes a bulging disc. The impact of a car crash can also injure the connective tissue surrounding the disc. If this occurs, it is possible that this will pinch your sciatic nerve. This can happen whether or not you have any history of back pain.

Symptoms of Sciatica and When to Seek Medical Assistance 

If you encounter any of the following symptoms for more than two weeks after being involved in a car crash, consult your physician: 

  • Numbness or weakness in the legs, feet, or arms coming form the neck 
  • Difficulty moving legs or feet 
  • Constant pain in one side of leg or buttock 
  • Inability to bend foot upward (foot drop) 
  • Sharp pain making it hard to walk 
  • Tingling pain in the leg or arm getting worse when seated 

Not only can these symptoms impair your mobility, but they can also drastically impact day-to-day living, both for you and your loved ones.

What Should You Tell the Doctor About the Car Accident ? 

If you experience any of the signs of sciatica listed above, you should inform your doctor. Also, provide the following information: 

  • When did the symptoms start? 
  • Where precisely is the pain located? 
  • Does pain become more intense when engaged in certain activities? 
  • Is the pain worse at certain times of day? 

You should also let your doctor know the following facts of the car accident: 

  • When did the accident take place? 
  • Were you a passenger or the driver? 
  • Was the vehicle rear-ended? 
  • What happened immediately after the car wreck? 

Keep in mind that your medical records will play a large part in determining the value of your case. You should speak with your doctor about your accident injuries as soon as practical after the accident. Immediate care after an accident is important for proving you injury.

How is Sciatica Treated? 

If your doctor suspects you are suffering from sciatica, they may order any of the following tests: 

  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging): MRIs involve a magnet manipulating radiofrequency energy. This allows a computer to make accurate 3D models of the structures and organs in your body. MRIs can help identify torn tendons and ligaments, broken bones, and a variety of other soft tissue injuries. 
  • NCS (nerve conduction study) and EMG (electromyography): This procedure records and analyzes electrical impulses within your muscles. During the EMG procedure, a clinician will place thin needles into the muscle, recording the electrical activity. Often, an NCS is performed alongside. This establishes whether or not the nerve is functioning normally. 

The most effective treatment for sciatica typically involves: 

  • Spinal injections 
  • Physical therapy plus chiropractic treatments
  • Medications for pain and inflammation 
  • Deep tissue massage

Occasionally, surgery might be required for those suffering from extreme pain or with a condition that is progressing or failing to respond favorably to treatment.

Don’t Allow an Insurance Company to Prevent You From Getting the Compensation You Deserve for Sciatica Caused by Vehicle Accident 

If you are involved in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, you may experience aches and pains, both during impact and in the aftermath. 

The first thing you should do is get prompt medical treatment for your injuries. You should then treat with recommended physicians. 

Attempting to deal with an insurance company without legal representation will be challenging and is also unlikely to yield the settlement you could achieve by retaining an experienced personal injury attorney. Our lawyers at Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers can help build your case and then negotiate a fair settlement, ideally without needing to go to trial. In the event of resistance from the insurer, though, we can get the settlement you deserve for your injuries, losses, and any emotional pain and suffering caused by the car, truck, or motorcycle accident.

At Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers we  have collected thousands four our injured clients who are suffering from back and neck related injuries after their car crash. Call us 24/7 at (888) 782-9090 and let us put our 47 years of service to work for you. Pay only if you win.  

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