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Don & Rebecca’s Story: $200,000 for Gallatin 5-car collision

Recent Gallatin Car AccidentFlora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers took the case of two people who were involved in a 5-car pile-up in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Our clients, Don and Rebecca, were stopped at a red light when another vehicle rear-ended them at a high rate of speed. This caused a chain reaction where a total of five vehicles sustained damage with multiple parties requiring medical treatment, including both of our clients.

Our team immediately performed a thorough investigation to determine liability in the accident, which included obtaining witness statements, hiring crash experts and accident reconstructionists, and working with the Gallatin Police Department to corroborate the facts of the collision.

After building a case and preparing for litigation in the Sumner County court system, we successfully negotiated a six-figure settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

The Collision

Don and his elderly mother Rebecca were traveling through Gallatin before coming to a full stop at a red light. The driver directly behind them suddenly changed lanes, causing another vehicle to slam into the back of our client’s pickup truck.

The force of the impact thrusted Don’s truck into the car in front of him and a chain-reaction ensued. In total, five vehicles were involved in the collision.

Don and Rebecca were both transported by ambulance to Sumner County Regional Medical Center for immediate medical treatment. Their injuries included a broken hip, several rib fractures, wrist fractures, a crushed kneecap, and deep lacerations to the head and limbs.

Due to the extent of their injuries, both Don and Rebecca required multiple surgeries and extensive physical rehabilitation to correct the damage they had sustained in the collision.

Car Accident In Gallatin TennesseeThe Case

Initially, the at-fault driver’s insurance company claimed that Don’s vehicle had already impacted another vehicle prior to the collision.

This would prevent Don and Rebecca from collecting full policy limits from the driver as they would be partially responsible for the accident.

To disprove their claim, we did an independent investigation of the accident and obtained witness statements from the other drivers and the law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene.

We also enlisted the services of seasoned crash experts and accident reconstructionists to paint a better picture of the series of events that lead to the collision.

Throughout the course of our investigation, we were able to provide evidence that our clients were in no way liable for the accident, thus allowing our team to demand full compensation for their injuries and losses.

The Result

To address their injuries, we provided both Don and Rebecca with referrals to excellent physicians and rehabilitation specialists.

During the months-long recovery period, Don experienced significant wage loss which our attorneys were able to recover in full.

Additionally, our team obtained full compensation for all past and future medical bills, as well as for the pain & suffering that our clients endured due to the negligent acts of the other driver.

In total, our clients were awarded over $200,000 in compensation for their injuries and went on to make a full recovery.

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Flora Templeton Stuart

Flora Templeton Stuart is the lead attorney and founder of the law firm Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers, established in 1976. She is a nationally recognized personal injury lawyer with over 40 years of experience. Her story has been featured on Fox, The New York Times, ABC, Time, and NBC.