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Dealing With A Drunk Driving Accident

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A car accident is scary enough as it is. It can be downright overwhelming if the accident is caused by a drunk driver. Being involved in a drunk driving accident in Kentucky or Tennessee is not uncommon. You should know the proper steps to take following such an accident so you protect your rights and begin the legal process to recover compensation for your injuries.

As with all types of accidents you should never leave the scene of an accident, not even to track down the drunk driver if he or she did not stop. Remaining at the scene allows emergency responders to find you upon arrival and issue medical aid. Remaining at the scene also helps police understand what happened during the accident.If you are not seriously injured you should check on all other passengers in your vehicle. If the other vehicle stopped, you should check on the people in that vehicle as well for injuries. Call 911 to ensure that the proper response is dispatched for the accident.Never admit fault in a drunk driving accident.
It is common for someone to simply say “I’m sorry” after an accident due to adrenaline. Even if you are innocent and utter these words you could find yourself in a difficult situation.  Speak with a Kentucky and Tennessee drunk driver lawyer about the accident and what happened. Tell him or her everything you can remember and provide a police report. This will be a big help to your attorney.  Getting behind the wheel to go to school or work each day is more dangerous than many drivers might think. Driving in these areas is a dangerous task that many take for granted. The task becomes even more dangerous due to those who make poor decisions to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. So, how do you spot a drunk driver in Bowling Green, Kentucky?Quite possibly the most common sign of drunk driving is when a driver is seen straddling the middle of the road. It is very difficult for a drunk driver to keep his or her vehicle within the designated lanes of the roadway. Many will straddle the centerline.Another sign of drunk driving is when a vehicle is found driving in the wrong direction on the road. For example, a car is seen driving northbound in the southbound lanes of a highway.

When a vehicle is sitting at an intersection controlled by a traffic light that is red and takes more than a couple seconds to begin moving when the light turns green can be another sign of drunk driving. It shows that the driver is so impaired that he or she cannot react appropriately to what is happening around him or her.

Erratic or unnecessary braking could be a sign of a potential drunk driver, especially if there are no other vehicles in front of him or her on the road.

You should never attempt to stop a drunk driver when spotted. Instead, get as much information about the vehicle and call 911. Do not follow the vehicle and do not try to pass the vehicle.

The results of such an accident can be tragic. You need to protect your rights as the victim as soon as possible following such an accident. Compensation can be acquired for damages incurred, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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Being the victim of a drunk driving accident can be downright traumatizing. Even if you weren’t injured, the drunk driver might have suffered injuries or even been killed. This is a traumatic experience for anyone of any age or driving level. Here are some tips you can use to resume driving after being involved in a drunk driving accident in Bowling Green.

The biggest piece of advice you will hear from an attorney or a doctor is to talk about the accident. Talk about it as much as possible with family, friends, a therapist, your family physician or anyone who will listen. When you talk about the accident, you lessen the amount of stress and anxiety you suffer from caused by the accident.

When you decide it’s time to get back behind the wheel, you should take baby steps. This needs to be treated like you are an athlete recovering from an injury. Drive only on familiar roads that are light in traffic. Drive during the day and make sure you have another licensed driver with you in case you cannot finish the trip.

You need to build your stamina up as a driver again. Slowly begin to drive in heavier traffic areas and on longer trips. You should also drive past the scene of the accident. The more you avoid doing this, the more your anxiety will build and cause you stress.

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