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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Kentucky car accident lawyer Flora Stuart sitting down with a clientIn 2019, there were 132,374 vehicle collisions in the State of Kentucky. According to the Kentucky State Police, there were 4,732 collisions in Warren County alone.

There are countless circumstances that can lead to a car accident. Sometimes an accident can be caused by vehicle malfunctions or environmental factors.

However, the vast majority of car accidents are the result of human error, specifically driver inattention, which accounted for 49,407 of the collision in 2019.

Regardless of the specific scenario that leads to your accident, one thing is certain: a car accident can be a life-changing experience. Depending on the kind of accident you have and what caused your accident, recovering in the aftermath can be an uphill battle.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a car accident attorney can help. Flora Templeton Stuart and her team have been helping accident victims recover for 44 years. Contact us today to discuss your case, and see how we can help you.

An Overview of Bowling Green, Warren County Accidents

Car accidents occur more likely on the weekend such as Saturday evenings after 5 p.m. once the sun goes down.  Interestingly in Bowling Green and throughout the nation accidents tend to decrease the end of the year from November to December.  Seatbelts are a major factor with fatalities in Bowling Green and elsewhere.  So be extra cautious when driving weekends and evenings and always wear your seatbelt.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Bowling Green, Kentucky?

wrongful death consultation at the offices of flora stuartThere are many accidents in Bowling Green each year, but some causes are more common than others.

Some of the most common causes of car accidents in Bowling Green can include:

  • Unbelted occupants;
  • Pedestrian-related accidents;
  • Motorcyclist-related accidents;
  • Speeding;
  • Drunk driving;
  • Senior-aged drivers;
  • Distracted driving; and
  • Large truck-related accidents.

Being aware of these and other common causes of car accidents in Bowling Green, Kentucky can help you prevent involvement in an accident yourself.

Of course, you can’t always prevent an accident with any certainty. However, knowing these common causes can allow you to take precautions to better protect yourself and your passengers.

Driving Under the Influence

When an accident occurs because a driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that driver may face criminal charges for his or her misconduct. However, this is not the only consequence they may face.

As the victim of a DUI accident, you may be able to recover from the driver in civil court as well.

Alcohol is a common contributor to car accidents because of the effects it can have on a person’s perception. According to the Kentucky State Police, there were 131 collisions involving drinking drivers in Warren county during 2019, which was increased from 2018.

Although alcohol-related crashes are on a downward trend, the numbers are still concerning. If you were injured in a traffic accident where the other driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reach out to us today. These cases typically involved punitive damages, which are damages meant to punish the behavior of the at-fault party.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents in the United States today and can take many forms. The most common example is texting while driving. Other examples of distracted driving include:

  • Eating while driving,
  • Adjusting temperature or volume controls,
  • Talking on the phone,
  • Speaking with other passengers in the vehicle,
  • Changing radio stations,
  • Having a pet in your vehicle,
  • Adjusting your GPS, and
  • Daydreaming

The Kentucky State police reported that in 2019 alone, 5,861 collisions were confirmed to have been caused by a distracted driver.

No matter how small a distraction may seem at the time, it may nevertheless lead to a severe accident and could change your life or someone else’s life forever.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident with a distracted driver, an experienced Bowling Green, Kentucky car accident lawyer can help you.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Changing lanes seems like a simple act that you likely do multiple times each day. Surprisingly, however, unsafe lane changes result in thousands of accidents each year.

These accidents usually happen because the driver changing lanes is not aware of his or her surroundings or failed to check before changing lanes.

Unsafe lane changes can lead to significant property damage and physical injuries. Fortunately, however, these types of accidents are preventable.

To reduce the likelihood of an accident, always use your turn signal before you attempt to change lanes and check your blind spots. Do not rely solely on your vehicle’s mirrors to show you your surroundings.


Speed limits are imposed to keep people safe on the roads. They are put in place for a reason.

When you exceed the speed limit, you are increasing the likelihood that an accident will occur.

In fact, speeding accounted for 1,192 car accidents in Kentucky in 2019.

The faster a vehicle is moving, the more force it exerts when it collides with another person or object. Thus, the faster you are speeding, the worse the repercussions will be if an accident occurs. Always make sure to follow the rules of the road and adhere to applicable speed limits.

Failure to Obey Traffic Signs and Signals

Failure to obey traffic signs or signals can result in a serious or even fatal car accident. This includes stopping at stop signs, yielding when instructed to do so, and obeying other traffic signals.

Again, these are put in place for an important reason—your safety.

Even if you do not have a stop sign or you have the green light, it is always prudent to look both ways just in case another driver fails to obey their traffic signals. Doing so just might save your life.

Driving at Night

Driving at night is inherently more dangerous than driving during the day. At night, visibility is lower and people are often less alert.

Driving when you are too tired can have devastating consequences for you and other drivers on the road. In fact, driver drowsiness caused at least 1,308 collision in Kentucky in 2019.

So What Do I Do If I Am Involved in a Car Accident in or Near Bowling Green, KY?

No matter what caused your Bowling Green, Kentucky car accident, the result can be devastating.

Car accidents can result in property damage, physical injuries, financial strife, and emotional trauma. If you are wondering what you can do in the aftermath, you are not alone.

Fortunately, there are ways you can recover.

In fact, in a Kentucky car accident case, you can recover monetary compensation for damages such as:

  • Past and future medical expenses arising out of the accident,
  • Property damage,
  • Lost income, and
  • Pain and suffering.

While recovering from a Bowling Green, Kentucky car accident can be difficult, don’t give up hope. There is a way, and an experienced car accident attorney can help you.

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