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Kentucky roads claim at least 1.5 deaths for every 100 miles traveled. Thousands of other Kentuckians luckily end up alive but with life-long injuries and losses due to road-related accidents. In Madisonville city, accidents related to truck and semi-truck vehicles have hit a resurgent high recently.

A typical challenge we encounter when dealing with truck accident victims is the lethargy to seek legal help immediately after a crash. Granted, the emotional and physical trauma after an accident can influence your ability to make critical steps to seek legal help. However, you have everything to gain from a legal perspective by engaging a truck accident attorney immediately after an accident.

It’s often difficult for the victims of truck accidents to make reasonable and timely steps to ensure satisfactory compensation. This is why at Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers, we offer professional truck accident legal services for clients in Madisonville to ensure that your injury claims are in progress as you recuperate.
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What Our Hopkins County Clients Are Saying
"Living in Madisonville, KY - I could not believe how quick they were to respond to my call. I didn't even think I would get any money from my wreck. I can truly say there were super helpful and patient (and I called a lot). I am so thankful that I called Flora." Natasha R. | Madisonville
"Pretty nice firm with a really awesome staff!" Heather C. | Madisonville
"They were very friendly and helpful. Flora and Alisha did an amazing job on my case. Got more than I thought and very fast. While I don't ever want to be in another wreck, I would definitely call Flora if I was." LaKisha H.
"I was to-boned by someone pulling out of the parking lot I saw the commercials and called their office and met with them. They sent me to good doctors and had physical therapy for my injuries. I was very happy with their services and would recommend them to anyone in a car wreck." Amber B.
"They did a fantastic job in a very timely manner and I would recommend them to anyone!" Larry C.
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When she’s not engaged in her legal practice, Flora is out in the community, helping in the schools, charities, and fundraising events. She was recognized as Attorney for Justice for her pro bono services, as well as the Melvin Jones Fellow Award for her dedicated humanitarian services through Lion’s Club International.

7 Reasons Why You need a Truck Accident Attorney After a Crash

Semi-truck and other commercial vehicle accidents are some of the most complex personal injury cases we handle. Serious injuries more common in these types of collisions and there may be several parties that share liability for any damages sustained in the accident. Pursuing a claim on your own is not only time consuming, but you will likely receive a far lower settlement from the insurance company. For these reasons, we highly recommend consulting with our Madisonville truck accident lawyers as soon as possible after the wreck.

We have the skill and experience to go toe-to-toe with the big insurance companies and will perform a number of services that you will likely not be able to do your own, including:

1. Evaluating Damage and Valuation of Your Injury 

The average person lacks the capacity and the resources to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of damages following an accident. The process of claim validation in Madisonville, KY following a truck accident requires a seasoned attorney to counter any false information presented by insurance company representatives.

Most insurance company representatives will try and convince a victim into accepting a lower settlement through coercive strategies. Unless you have a valuation report from a seasoned attorney, you might be fooled into getting a raw deal.

At Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers, we are honest about the valuation process. We ensure that you get an accurate estimation of the amount you should expect in damages. Our team also works closely with quality medical practitioners to ensure that you get a fair valuation of the injuries obtained and the cost of treatment.

2. Gathering a Comprehensive Medical Report 

The period following an accident can leave you in seclusion. Your immediate family may also be preoccupied with taking care of you or running other related errands on your behalf. This is where a Madisonville truck accident lawyer steps in to ensure that all your records are available.

Unless you have a complete medical file from all healthcare practitioners involved, it may be hard to get total compensation for your injuries. We take our time to gather all the information presented by healthcare providers during the entire treatment process.

We also help you gather all the payment receipts, progress reports, and any other record that can help present a solid case. Unless you engage a qualified lawyer following a truck accident, gathering such critical information may be impossible. Unfortunately, the success of a truck accident claim depends on the weight of supporting evidence presented.

3. Interviewing Witnesses on Your Behalf 

A witness report could be the difference between a successful claim and a flop when truck-related accidents happen in Madisonville, KY. Most times, witnesses are wary of the protracted legal process and subjective questioning that follow when they volunteer information. This explains the resistance to participate in witness interviews following accidents.

Our team understands this complexity and knows just how to circumvent the challenge. We have the capacity to source for witnesses with the will to take an active role in the evidence-gathering process. Our rigorous approach to determining who can or cannot be a witness gives us an edge in the evidence development process.

The aftermath of an accident can be confusing and leaves limited time for a victim to identify any potential witnesses. However, our Madisonville truck accident lawyers always find a way to get a hold of any potential witness who can help twist the accident claim in your favor.

4. Proving Liability for Your Claim 

Truck-related accidents often occur due to negligence or human error. However, the hardest part is proving the bearer of the greatest burden following such crushes. In our years of practice, we have witnessed attempts by defense attorneys to shift blame to the victims. Remember that in some cases, even the offending drivers suffer injuries.

The need to prove liability informs the urgency to hire our team following a semi-truck accident. You need a seasoned attorney to move in with speed and prove that the other party was indeed solely to blame for the injuries suffered.

Victims of truck-related accidents have the right to maximum compensation for injuries suffered. Even then, without an experienced attorney by your side, you may not be able to prove the extent of liability. Our legal team knows what evidence is necessary to prove liability.

Our long history of personal injury litigation gives us the edge in our approach to reconstructing accident scenes. Such technical engagements may not be achievable without the involvement of a truck accident attorney. Once the assessment is complete, we obtain the accident report to ensure a watertight claim when we finally present your plea.

5. Handling the Insurance Company 

Insurance companies are in the business of maximizing profits. Unless you find a legal representative of our caliber, you’ll likely end up with a raw deal during the negotiations for settlement.  Our role as your legal representative is to ensure that we push the insurance company to the limit when negotiating compensation.

Without proper representation after a truck accident, you might even risk a complete denial of a valid claim. Our lawyers help truck accident victims handle all details related to the lawsuit. We also prepare all the written and verbal settlements with the insurance company. You can also trust us to negotiate with the adjuster with your best interests at heart.

6. Ensures You Meet the Set Legal Deadlines 

It’s mandatory for you to meet specific legal deadlines when a truck accident happens and you decide to sue for compensation. The statute of limitations is the most common deadline you must meet for your claim to be admissible.

It would be best to have a skilled legal mind to help you navigate such legal deadlines and ensure a successful claim application process. Our team believes in pushing limits to ensure that you address all the procedural matters promptly so as to ensure time compliance.

7. Accident Attorneys are Well Versed with Kentucky Personal Injury Law

Personal injury laws differ from one state to the next. What may apply in Tennessee as a solid personal injury case might be a non-issue in Kentucky. You need a legal representative to guide you on the procedure to file and follow up your legal suit.  Our background in personal injury laws gives us an edge if the defense team attempts to raise a negligence claim against you.

Our first goal is to ensure that you comply with all the pre-claim procedural requirements pertaining to the case. We also ensure that you have all the supporting documents related to the accident including police reports.

Kentucky is among the States that have a “Choice no-fault” clause in case of accidents. Such legal technicalities are an unfamiliar subject to an average truck driver in Madisonville. As such, you need the legal intervention of a qualified personal injury attorney to guide you if you opt out of the no-fault insurance system.

Our Madisonville KY Truck Accident Lawyers Are Always at Your Service

Have you experienced the unfortunate loss or injuries following a truck accident? If so, the process of suing for compensation can be frustrating without the proper legal support.

The good news is that at Flora Templeton Stuart Accident Injury Lawyers, we understand the complexities involved when filing a claim, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients get maximum compensation.  Feel free to contact our team online or by calling (888) 782-9090 today if you need experienced legal support following a truck accident in Madisonville and all of Hopkins County.

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“I was rear-ended with my grandson in my car. I had heard of Flora’s great reputation and background for years and that’s why I called her. She was so respectful and responsive. My grandson’s settlement was unheard of! We never thought we would get as much as we did!”

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