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Child Injury Attorney

When a child has been injured due to the negligence of another, the results can be devastating. If your child has been injured, you need an experienced attorney that knows Kentucky law and focuses on personal injury cases.

Our firm has offices in Warren and Barren County, and we represent clients throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, and the nation. We have offices in Bowling Green and Glasgow, and we will travel to our injured clients.

Flora and her staff take great pride in representing injured children. We want to make sure that an injured child not only recovers the damages they deserve but that money is set aside for their future, so we obtain court approval for annuities which can be used for college.

What if my child has been injured?

If a child (under the age of 18) is injured due to the fault of another person, he or she may recover damages for those injuries. Child injuries frequently result from car wrecks, semi truck accidents, dog bites, birth injuries, pediatric medical malpractice, unsafe premises, defective products, or other personal injury.

Any recovery for your injured child should be held in trust until your child is 18 years of age, but there are some exceptions: if the recovery is less than $10,000.00, if there are special needs for your child, or if the court approves expenditures to benefit your child. If your child has been seriously injured, you should immediately retain an experienced child injury lawyer who will handle the claim on a contingency fee basis (the attorney will not be paid except from the recovery).

After you have retained an attorney, the next procedure will be to have the parent raising the injured child appointed as guardian so he or she can act on behalf of their child in the case. Flora and her staff will assist you in receiving a court-appointed guardianship at no additional cost. This involves a brief court appearance in the county where your child resides. It is often required that another person who owns property in that county sign a bond to ensure that the funds will be protected for the child.

Obtaining a Fair Settlement

When we obtain money for your injured child, our work is not done, and in many cases this is the most important service we can give you. We negotiate with health insurance carriers, Medicare and Medicaid to obtain waivers and reduce medical liens all at no additional charge to you. Once your child has reached maximum medical improvement, we will prepare a demand that represents the value of your child’s injuries. To finalize a settlement, the district court that appointed you guardian or the Circuit Court where suit has been filed must approve the settlement.

Annuities, College Funds, and Trusts

Prior to court approval, our law firm will provide to our clients the option of establishing annuities and college funds for your injured child. Establishing a college fund or annuity will not only protect the recovered funds for future use by your child, but they may provide tax advantages. We feel these additional services are very important for complete representation of our clients.

In the case of a disabled child, we will work with you to establish a trust to protect benefits such SSI (Supplemental Income) and Medicaid, which can be adversely affected if your child recovers money, or disqualify them from government benefits.

We understand the needs of a family when a child injury rips your life apart. When you consult with us you can be assured that Flora Templeton Stuart will work on your child’s case. Call Warren and Barren County, Kentucky attorney Flora Templeton Stuart at (888) 782-9090 for a free initial consultation twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week so we can begin to work for you.

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Top Child Injury FAQs

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What is a child injury case?

A child injury case may be brought when an individual under the age of 18 is injured due to the fault of another person or organization. Examples of a child injury case include car wreck or semi-truck accidents, dog bites, daycare or caretaker abuse/negligence, birth injuries, burns, choking, drowning, or any other personal injury. The most serious child injury cases involve permanent injury or death.

What should I do if my child has been injured?

If a child injury occurs, get medical treatment immediately. Get names and contact information of any witnesses. Take photos of the scene to document the conditions or negligence that contributed to your child’s injury. File a police report to document the incident. Do not talk to the responsible party’s insurance company without attorney representation.

Why does my injured child need to have a guardian appointed in the case?

The parent or legal adult raising the child needs to be appointed as guardian so he/she can act on behalf of the child in the case. The appointment involves a brief court appearance in the county where the child resides. It is often required that another person who owns property in that county sign a bond to ensure the settlement funds will be protected for the child.

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