Flora Templeton Stuart Injury Lawyers joined Poppy the Raccoon and Pixie at the Buddy Walk 2017 over the weekend to help raise money for the Buddy House!

Flora and Poppy love helping the community.

The Buddy House, the organization who hosts the annual Buddy Walk, seeks to enhance the lives of local parents and children with Down Syndrome. They help provide vital information, support, and advocacy for Down Syndrome kids and their families.

Each year at the Buddy Walk, the Law Firm of Flora Templeton Stuart come out with Poppy the Raccoon to help raise awareness for the Buddy House! Flora and Poppy love working with such an honorable, amazing organization and do whatever they can to help each year!

About Flora Templeton Stuart

My extensive trial experience for several years as a public advocate and 42 years of representing the injured has enabled me to not only collect millions for my seriously injured clients but give them a future.

This is my passion. I go to work every day to make a difference in my community and the lives of my clients.

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